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The 2012 Interactive SXSW Buzz

The 2012 Interactive SXSW BUZZ Uning social media to quantily the SXSW attermath Secial Netiverk Activity geek out! dusk A look at usage trends for some of SXSW's most used social networks. Daily averages by hour. party time sunrise hang over Twitter Facebook Page Facebook Blog Flickr YouTube Reddit 100 am J:00 am SI00 am 7:00am 9:00 am 11:00 am 100 pm J00 am Sdd pm 7:40 pm 1:0 pm 11:00 pm POSTS ABOUT SXSW WERE MEASURED 1,319,877 ACROSS ALL SOCIAL NETWORKS 1,028,611 From Twitter 203,048 From Blogs 16,749 From Facebook PEOPLET SX's Mest Influential Folks The United States of SXSW The top ten states most engaged in the social @timoreilly conversation around SXSW 29.72 Impact Per Post 3,486 Buz Index @sgblank 25.8 Impact Per Post 2,895 Buzz Inder MA @Scobleizer "3 19.89 Impact Per Post 15,869 Buz Index More Iufluencers @SteveCase @ericries @karaswisher @dharmesh 15.18 IPP 42.83 BI 14.87 IPP 5,909 BI 12.76 IPP 2,535 BI 12.46 IPP 4,010 BI An impact refers to any social interaction. Buzz is hoe many times they sere mentioned surrounding SXSH. @chrisbrogan @susanorlean @alexia 12.21 IPP 1,869 BI 10.4 IPP 676 BI 10.04 IPP 4,441 BI the most succesful BRANDS & CAMPAIGNS AMERICAN EXPRESS HOMELESS HOTSPOTS SAMSUNG NOKIA through the #ijustplantedatree campaign, Nokia planted over 44,000 trees Free tix for those who A real-time aggregate of SXSW happenings called the #feed, displayed on a massive screen in their lounge and at their party. #homlesshotspots is an synced their Amex card and twitter account. Songs experiment connecting homless people, with gadget toting geeks via 4G MiFi devices were requested with #jayzsyncshow tag 50,323 Buzz Index 43,245 Buzz Index 19,300 Buzz Index 8,972 Buzz Index ở 67% 9 33% ở 76% 9 24% ở 70% 9 30% ở 57% 9 43% O 17% V 0% A 77% O 23% v 0% A 24% O 33% V 43% A 100% O 0% v 0% Google CNN Shelbytu #googlevillage high tech wonders and @frackers At #cnngrill, Rick Perry, AI Gore and free food! Talk about a winning Nike turns building into Created a stir with some music app and parties goats in t-shirts and a handful of interviews. coined it the "Disneyland for geeks" hard with their new FuelBand-as-ticket model combination! Yay for animal market testing! #makeitcount FUELO 40,195 Buzz Index 33,176 Buzz Index 10,373 Buzz Index 1,959 Buzz Index ở 73% 9 27% ở 73% 9 27% ở 61% 9 39% ở 65% 9 35% SINIMINI A 79% O 21% 0% A 98% 25 A 73% O 27% V O% A 36% O 64% The Bugg Map If there was an Award for the "Loudest Bar in America" it would go to the Driskill Hotel in Austin SXSW Emarcdschiller 1. Austin Convention Center AI Gore Conversation with Sean Parker W 6th St. buzz index - 4,549 Inside Rainn Wilson's Brain buzz Index - 3,088 Baratunde Thurston Teaches Us How Got to my session and Jimmy Falon is moderating the panel What what? tses eMelissaYoungATX to Read the World buzz index - 2,126 2. Driskill Hotel 3. Hilton Austin Downtown 4. Hyatt Regency Austin 5. InterContinental Stephen F. Austin 6. Omni Downtown 7. Palm Door People are actualy working out at ssw Imao eniketuel eShawn Dell 8. Sheraton Austin 3ef the hottast Aeioni happened here Cesar Chavez St. START UPST This Year's Top Three new Start Ups Startup Founder Love Comparing the social media buzz index of the top three startups founders Highlight "Gives you a 6th sense" 73,610 Buz Index PAUL DAVISON of Highlight "Fun & safe way to meet new people" ANDREA VACCARI of Glancee '2 ce Glancee V 3,182 buzz inder 24,008 Buzz Index (( BRETT MARTIN of Sonar Sonar "Uncover your hidden connections." 1,023 buzz index 15,844 Buzz Index which app would youL like to stalk with? PARTY TIMET revolve, PANELS MAUd PARTIES the the Beverage Breakdoum PARTIES MENTIONED = 279,708 TIMES PANELS MENTIONED = 79,635 TIMES All work and no play didn't stand a chance at SXSW this vear. There were 3 times more conversations about parties than there were about panels. The Oicial Hangever Feod ef SXSW Guilled Cheese! KOBAYASHI SET ANOTHER WORLD RECORD AT SXSW! 13 GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES IN 1 MINUTE! it happened at the GroupMe Grill. Buzz Index - 5,207 The Twitter Buzz Around. Hottest Parties 12,114 AMERICAN EXPRESS 5,437 Private Jay-Z Concert TUMBLR ROBOTRIP PARTY 5,628 MASHABLE PARTY At Buffalo Billiards with The Barbarian Group 2,411 2,031 898 SAMSUNG FOURSQUARE CROWDTAP FEED PARTY PARTY VIP PARTY Powered by Twitter DJ Set by Bo Bliz Performance by Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra 71,462 GONE TO SKSW WISH THEY'D Infographic brought to you by: Quantify the social media impact of everything you do in real-time. Build, tracx manage, and maximize ROI on your campaigns from a single dashboard. TRY TRACX FREE AT DEMO.TRACX.COM Infographic designed by Evan MacDonald and Josh Balleza. :34,844 Buzz Index

The 2012 Interactive SXSW Buzz

shared by kcatoto on Mar 26
Using social media to quantify the South by South West aftermath.




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