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20% of Facebook links lead to viruses

FACEBOOK A PRIME TARGET FOR CYBERCRIME With more than 800 million users, Facebook is arguably the most dominant social networking platform in the world. The social network's popularity and fast growth also make it a prime target for cybercriminals. Below, we take a look at Facebook's online presence, how it's being attacked, and what you can do to stay safe. FACEBOOK'S EVER-EXPANDING REACH 700 50 percent of Facebook's more than 8OOM+ users log on to Facebook during any given day. In other words, people 80 percent of Facebook's Facebook's population is nearly three times the U.S. users are found outside of the United States. population of 313 million. spend over 7 00 billion minutes on the site per month. FACEBOOK USERS VS. WORLDWIDE INTERNET USER BASE ASIA 922 MILLION EUROPE 153 MILLION 476 MILLION NORTH AMERICA 209 MILLION 272 MILLION 168 MILLION MIDDLE EAST 69 MILLION AFRICA 119 MILLION LATIN AMERICA 215 MILLION 115 MILLION AUSTRA 21 HILLION KEY: INTERNET USERS FACEBOOK USERS WHERE IS FACEBOOK BEING ATTACKED? John Smith More than 20 percent 600,000 logins are million Facebook users experience spam on a daily basis. of newsfeed links currently open viruses. compromised every day. That's 7 logins every second. 6 SIMPLE REMINDERS FOR KEEPING YOURSELF SAFE ON FACEBOOK FACEBOOK LOGIN PRINCE OF EGYPT USERNAME: ******** PASSWORD: ******* BE MY FRIEND CREATE A STRONG PASSWORD. DONTACCEPT UNKNOWN FRIEND REQUESTS. JOHN SMITH STATUS DUDEI just won two free round trip arine tickets Cick here to get yours HTTPS:// TURN ON HTTPS:// BROWSING ON YOUR FACEBOOK SETTINGS. MONITOR WHAT YOUR FRIENDS ARE SENDING AND SHARING WITH YOU. WIN AN IPAD2 ZONEALARM SOCIALGUARD DONT CLICK ON SUSPICIOUS LINKS. DOWNLOAD FACEBOOK SECURITY SOFTWARE. Z ZONEALARM SOURCES: 2ONEALARM.COM, FACEBOOK.COM, CENSUS.GOV, TECHCRUNCH.COM, INTERNETWORLDSTATS.COM by Check Point

20% of Facebook links lead to viruses

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
More than 20 percent of Facebook News Feed links lead to viruses, according to ZoneAlarm. This number seems suspicious, but regardless of how high it is, here’s what you need to know. ZoneAlarm has ...


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