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20 Cases Solved By Using Facebook

20 Cases Solved By Using facebook Social Media In the UK, more than 100.000 crimes have & Crime been linked to Facebook in the past 5 years. Facebook is increasingly being used in both legal and criminal investigations. Individuals and law enforcement officials are realizing they can reach a mass audience with lots of personal information in a public space. 43% In 2010, 7,545 calls from the public to police concerned social media sites. People who use Facebook more than once per day are 43% more likely to think that most people can be In fact, UK police reported that Facebook crimes rose 540% in three years. trusted. Unsuspecting Criminal on Facebook POLICE Lives A Network of over 845 Million Users History Was Caught on Facebook About FBI: 209,370 Likes NYPD: 27,606 Likes CIA: 38,859 Likes Location E Timeline Sheriff Al Lamberti October 31, 2011 Who is committing crimes and getting caught on Facebook? And who's discovered them? Find out: Leveraged social media to solve a series of air conditioning thefts happening of the suspects on his Facebook page and got a 911 call two days later that led to an arrest. Florida's Broward County. He posted a description Preteen US Girls CI 8 people like this. April 28, 2011 Charged with cyberstalking and first-degree computer trespassing after hacking into a classmate's Facebook account and posting sexually explicit content on her profile page. 16-year-old Male April 21, 2011 Faces jail after playing a prank that resulted in $247,000 worth of damage and a five-month closure of a public library because of flooded toilets after talking about it on Facebook. PORN O 29 people dislike it. Mark Musarella March 31, 2011 O 9 people dislike this. Lost his emergency medical technician license and was sentenced to 200 hours of community service after posting crime scene photos of a beaten and strangled woman on Facebook. Andrew Dart January 25, 2011 Jailed for a year after breaching a sexual offenders' order banning him from communicating electronically with young girls. Forty of his Facebook friends were girls under 16. Q 12 people dislike this. CRIME SCENE John Palmer January 21, 2011 O 4 people dislike this. Jailed after he was caught laughing in a photo on his Facebook profile with an article detailing how his pit bull savaged a man who later died. was sentenced to jail for 3 and a half years. O 17 people dislike this. 2010 Corey Christian Adams used Facebook to try to hire a hit man to kill a woman who accused him of rape. Now faces 11 to 22 years in prison. July 2010 O 15 people dislike this. Naomi Anderson Nona Belomesff July 3, 2010 May 16, 2010 Taken to court after posting a video on Facebook of her decapitating a mouse. She received an 18-month probation order, 180 hours of community service, and was banned from owning animals for two years. Found dead in a creek after agreeing to go on an overnight camping trip alone with a complete stranger she met on Facebook who offered her a new job. O 18 people dislike this. Keri McMullen March 20, 2010 Posted footage on her profile of a burglar she caught on video in her house before realizing it was a man she had befriended on Facebook the week before. O 8 people dislike this. Paul Franco February 10, 2010 Arrested after hacking his ex-girlfriend's Facebook account, changed the password and information, and began spamming her friends. He demanded money in exchange for the password, and she had him arrested for coercion. O 22 people dislike this. O 11 people dislike it. Phoebe Prince January 14, 2010 Committed suicide after being harassed and tormented on Facebook by a group of her fellow classmates. Nine teenagers were arrested in connection with her death. O 48 people dislike this. 2009 Jason Smith received a lifetime restraining order after cyberstalking a girl on Facebook and threatening her for two years after she refused to go out with him. November 9, 2009 Q 31 people dislike this. Adam Mann Shannon Jackson September 15, 2009 September 25, 2009 Killed his ex-wife with 25 blows of a hammer and a knife to the throat after she pursued him for child-support, and posted on Facebook that he was a waste of space and everyone knew it. Violated a restraining order by poking a contact on Facebook. O 17 people dislike this. DO NOT Camille Mathurasingh April 3, 2009 Stabbed 20 times by her jealous ex-lover after she posted about their breakup and her new relationship on Facebook. O 19 people dislike this. Vanessa Starr Palm February 2, 2009 POKE ME Arrested and thrown into a Bahamian jail with Alexander Daniel Rust after posting photos on Facebook of eating an endangered iguana. Charged with violating an animal protection act and released on $500 bail each. Shannon Jackson Poke O 24 people dislike this. O 13 people dislike this. 2008 Tracy Grinhaff May 4, 2008 Fouad Mourtada February 6, 2008 Arrested after posing on Facebook as Prince Moulay Rachid, the younger brother of the king of Morocco. Charged with villainous practices linked to the alleged theft of identity. Bludgeoned to death in her family's shed by her husband after announcing on Facebook that they were splitting up. O 15 people dislike this. O 32 people dislike this. 2007 Dylan Osborn was jailed for seven days for adding his wife as a friend on Facebook. His wife had a restraining order against him. October 4, 2007 +1 O 6 people dislike this. Information Provided By CRIMINALTJUSTICE DEGREE S GUIDE Sources,,,,,,,,,,,,

20 Cases Solved By Using Facebook

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Facebook is increasingly being used in both legal and criminal investigations. Indiviuals and law enforcement officials are realizing they can reach a mass audience with lots of personal information i...


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