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19 Viral Marketing Campaigns That Get Your Attention

19 viral Marketing Campaigns That'll Get Your Attention When ordinary advertisements don't create a strong buzz among consumers, some brands choose to create a stunt that will get people's attention. Learn how some companies are spreading the word about their brands through creative grassroots marketing. Threat Level: Aqua BankING RidING Solutions ING DDIRECT' To bring attention to the late night Cartoon Network show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, To promote their new "Orange" online banking solutions, the company ING Direct offered free rides around the metropolitan areas of Boston, San Francisco and Washington D.C. where orange-suited ambassadors handed out leaflets and promotional materials to passengers. marketers scattered backpack sized devices in ten highly populated cities. The stunt was mistaken as a threat to national security, and got attention from citizens and law enforcement from coast to coast. Burger King McDonald In an attempt to increase burger sales in Asia, Burger King promoters targeted McDonalds restaurants to increase patronage to BK restaurants. For example. they put Burger King shirts on Ronald McDonald statues, placed footprints leading from McDonalds to Burger King, and GONE TO BK - RONALD put signs on empty benches that read "Gone to BK- Ronald." Kia Takes it to the Streets Spread Firefox To promote their recent "spend less" campaign, KIA marketers took to KIA the streets and posted thousands of fliers in metro areas with tear-away messages about their campaign. Firefox created a digital hub, to service the Firefox community, including a community forum where users can participate in projects to spread Firefox and/or chat with other users and access customer service representatives. Red Bull Pit Stop Red Bull created a NASCAR-style pit stop in the middle of Times Square where Red Bull samples were given out to passersby. Fetching Eukanuba In South Africa, several dogs were trained to carry a bag of Eukanuba dog food between different areas in busy shopping malls to increase brand awareness of Eukanuba dog food. Miss America Marketing Elephant March To prove the strength of New York City's A weeklong series of annual parties, parades, fireworks shows, dances, and beauty competition attracts millions of viewers every year. Brooklyn bridge, pioneering public relations expert PT. Barnum had a herd of elephants, weighing more than a ton each, cross the bridge to prove its strength and get publicity. The Goodyear Blimp Oscar Mayer on Wheels GOOD YEAR Oscar Mayer The goodyear blimp is seen by more than 60 million people each year in its three U.S. The Wienermobile is a 100-foot long hot dog on wheels, It drives coast to coast to promote the locations, and continues to attract media Oscar Meyer brand. attention Turkey Drop Station manager from WKRP-Cincinnati arranged to have live turkeys dropped from a helicopter, while simultaneously flying a banner which read "Happy Thanksgiving from WKRP" Nathans Healthy Hot Dogs Nathan's When Nathan Handwerker This is the Original decided to go into business as a hot dog salesman, he differentiated his business by EDETEREIES hiring bums to dress as doctors and offered free food to doctors and nurses in uniform. Horse Power Taco Liberty Bell To promote their Lancia Delta car, marketers illustrated the power of their 200 horsepower engine by tying 200 horses to the car, which attracted media attention throughout Europe. HEADLINE NEWS TACO BELL PURCHASES LIBERTY BELL In newspaper ads nationwide, marketers announced they had purchased the Liberty Bell and renamed it the Taco Liberty Bell. Public opinion turned favorable when the joke was explained. Old Casino Auctions Online casino purchased William Shatner's kidney stone for $25,000 and spent $28,000 for a partially eaten grilled cheese sandwhich with burnt crust that looks like the Virgin Mary. These items were auctioned off for charity and received a great deal of media coverage which raised awareness for their brand. Oprah's Free Car Campaign Oprah gave away nearly 300 cars to her audience members. The retail value of the cars was around $8 million, and news of Oprah's generosity had people talking about the Oprah show, and the model of car she gave away to her audience members. Literal Gorilla Marketing Meow Mix Cat Reality Inhike Del Monte, which produces Meow Mix cat food, The Cadbury company created a video campaign featuring a humanized gorilla. The campaign was highly popularized and shared on created a reality show for cats. Cats from 10 shelters around the U.S. were taken to the social media networks. "Meow Mix House," where they were monitored by webcams 24 hours per day. Each week one of the felines were "voted out" and adopted by new owners who were also provided a one year supply of Meow Mix cat food. BLUE SOURCE http:l/www.rasmussenedu sinessblog/guemila marketing campaignal Powered by Cox Business KTAANS

19 Viral Marketing Campaigns That Get Your Attention

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With the power of social networks and vast methods of social sharing, there has never been a better time to launch a viral marketing effort. Learn how companies are gaining credibility through creativ...


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