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18 Sweet Tips for Facebook Page Posts

postrocket presente 18SWEET TIPS FOR FACEBOOK PAGE POSTS OSTART BE VALUABLE If it's not interesting. informative, or entertaining, don't post it. 2 BE TIMELY When you post is just as important as what you post. Know when your fans are online & post accordingly. BE VISUAL Visual content works. Compared to average posts, album posts have +180% engagement, photos have +120%, and videos have +100% BE CONCISE Posts with less than 250 characters get 60% more engagement on average BE RELEVANT Cat memes are for pet shops, not restaurants. Stick to what you know. BE HUMAN People relate to other people, not companies. Speak genuinely with your brand's voice. BE CURRENT Take note of upcoming Holidays & put your spin on current Oreo & the Superbowl blackout) ASK FOR OPINIONS The best companies always listen to their customers. Ask for feedback and listen. MIX IT UP There are 9 post types! Try them all occasionally. Photo Status Offer Ouestion (Poll) Milestone Photo Album Video Link Event GIVE EXCLUSIVES Everyone enjoys being in a special & selective few. Reward engagers with relevant coupons, giveaways, etc. 10 BE LOCAL When applicable, target posts to specific segments of your audience. 11 POST REGULARLY No 'one-size-fits-all' frequency. but generally 1-3 posts/day is best for most pages. 12 BE ANALYTICAL Repeat after me, "Facebook Insights is my friend. My very best friend." Numbers can be very telling. 13 BE AD-SMART Buy ads for your best posts to maximize results, but be careful not to spam. 14 BE CELEBRATORY Use Facebook's "Milestone" feature to celebrate your history & achievements. 15 BE PREPARED Never be at loss for content, queue posts and keep a list of go-to sources for content 16 BE RESPONSIVE Now in this era of social media more than ever, Fans expect & deserve replies (and quickly too)! 17 18 BE SMART Trying to optimize every one of your posts can be a time-consuming endeavor. Be smart and use a highly efficient, super effective 3rd party tool like POSTROCKET Your super smart, super effective Facebook Posting Tool. TRY IT TODAY! Best Practices.pdf Infographic graphics by Daniel Chae I Infographic info by Mike Maghsoudi I

18 Sweet Tips for Facebook Page Posts

shared by itsmikemags on May 01
Short and sweet tips to make your fans crave your Facebook Page Posts like a box of chocolate :)




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