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UNTAPPED BACKLINKS AUDIO SHARING SITES 2 DONATE TO CHARITY • Create a piece of audio (you can useVocaroo to record within your browser and export as an .mp3). • Search for sites that accept donations using these search strings: • Create accounts at the following authoritative audio sharing sites: "donate to us" (PR6) (PR5) "contributors page" allintitle: "contributors" Upload your audio and add a link to your site on your profile page (example) (PR7) "sponsors page" allintitle: “sponsors" (PR5) • Check to see if contributors get dofollow links in exchange for donating. Also poke around the site to make sure it looks legit. 3 BLOGGER REVIEWS • Donate and get your links • Decide what you plan on giving away to review. It can be a software, an information product, physical product, or service. Anything of value that bloggers in your niche would want to try and write about it fair game. • Find bloggers in your niche searching for things like "best (niche) blogs 2014" or using the blog directory,AllTop. 4 GIVE TESTIMONIALS • Reach out to them with this email script: Hey (site owner name), • List all of the products and services that you've used I was searching for some homepage soap recipes today when I came across (site name). over the last 6-months. • Check to see if their websites have a testimonials page, like this one. Awesome stuff! Actually, I just launched a guide that teaches people how to make luxury soaps at home. I usually charge $X, but l'd be more than happy to send it over to you on the house. All l'd ask is that you'd consider mentioning it on your blog or writing a review. • Reach out to them with your testimonial. Mention that they have permission to include it on their testimonials page. Let me know how that sounds. Cheers, Your name 5 FIVERR BLOGS BACKLINKS • Search with: DIRECTORIES "I will post your content" "I will post your article" "guest post on my" • Go to one of the following directories: • Check to see if the site is a real site (not part of FREE PAID a blog network) • Send your content (if necessary) with your link R-TT Directory Family Friendly Sites So Much Yahoo! Directory (expensive but worth it) embedded in the article Directory World All The Websites 7 HARO MavicaNET • Submit your site with a 100% unique description Wait for your site to be approved and get your links • Šign up as a source (free) here: • Check your inbox for HARO emails that list reporters in need of sources, like this: АВС KLM XYZ Name: Pamela Skillings Big Interview Category: General Email: [email protected] EDU RESOURCE BACKLINKS Media Outlet: Big Interview Deadline: 2:00 PM EST - 3 June Find .edu resource pages using these search strings: Query: “your keyword" We are looking for success stories from people who have had positive experiences with Linkedln as a job search tool (could be finding job leads, getting referrals, expanding your network, etc.). What tactics worked well for you? “your keyword" + "resources" “your keyword" + inurl:links “your keyword" + "other sites" We are also interested in advice from recruiters and hiring managers who find candidates on Linkedin. What gets your attention and what turns you off? • Find a piece of content on your site that would be a good fit for that page. • Reply with a brief response and get your links! • Contact the webmaster to let him or her know about your resource. and gently mention that it might make a nice addition to their page. EDU WEBSITE FEEDBACK SITES • Create accounts at the following website feedback sites: (PR3) (PR5) (PR4) (PR3) • Submit your website to receive feedback • Your link will be automatically created 10 FIND EXPIRED DOMAINS • Search for pages with lots of links on them (like resource pages) 11 BLOG AGGREGATORS • Use Domain Hunter Plus to find expired domains linked to from that page • Search for blog aggregators using these search strings: • Buy the expired domain for the cost of registration "submit blog" "blog directory" EXPIRED DOMAIN "blog directories" • Submit your blog along with a unique description. • After your blog is approved you'll get included in the 12 FIND GUEST POSTING OPPORTUNITIES ON TWITTER directory along with a link to your blog. • Head over to Twitter Search. • Enter these search strings into Twitter search: "your niche" + guest post "your niche" + guest author "your niche" + write for us "your niche" + guest article • Make your guest post pitch to the quality sites that 13 SCOOP.IT come up. • Create an account at Scoop.It. • Search for Scoop.It pages that curate content on your topic. 14 BROKEN LINK BUILDING • Suggest your content by hitting "Suggest" on their page (not all pages have this feature). • Find resource pages in your niche using these search strings: "keyword" + “resource page" "keyword" +“resources" "keyword" + "recommended sites" "keyword" + “links" • Check for broken links on the page


shared by rubyshaikh on Apr 01
’m sure you’ve already read just about enough information on traditional link building strategies, like guest posting, for one lifetime. Well today I’m going to shake things up. I’m going to s...


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