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12 Golden Rules of Facebook Etiquette

*The 12 Golden Rules of Facebook Etiquette RULE DON'T POST COMPROMISING 01 PHOTOS OF YOURSELF. If a terrible photo of you does slip by, ask the poster to take it down. At the very least, untag yourself. RULE DON'T FRIEND SOMEONE 02 UNLESS YOU'VE ACTUALLY MET. In a day and age where privacy is always a concern, keeping your friends list to people you actually know is recommended. On the flip side, don't be afraid to ignore random people who try to befriend you. ABLAH BLAH RULE TMI: 03 CENSOR YOURSELF. Post status updates that others might legitimately care to know about your life or the world at large. And leave last weekend's crazy drunken night out of it. 2 in 5 employers are using social media to screen potential candidates. NOPE 43% of those employers found reasons NOT to hire. RULE DO NOT VAGUELY ADDRESS 04 REAL ISSUES WITH OTHERS. "It's rude when someone borrows your clothes without asking, no?" These types of updates are not serving your online reputation. Misunderstandings should be sorted out the old fashioned way - by talking. RULE KEEP 05 SELFIES TO A MINIMUM. Keep it real. Too many consecutive selfies reveal your vanity. RULE USE DISCRETION WHEN 06 POSTING ON THE WALLS OF OTHERS. Many walls are public spaces, so refrain from posting anything too personal. RULE BE If you stay true to your voice and personality, others will be more 07 CONSISTENT. likely to appreciate and interact with your updates. 18% of your Facebook pals are more likely to engage with your conversation on Thursdays and Fridays, when they'd rather not be working. l! TWTF RULE DO NOT BREAK UP WITH A PERSON THROUGH FACEBOOK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. 08 If you aren't mature enough to look a person in the eyes and tell him or her it's over, you weren't mature enough to be in a relationship in the first place. The majority of men and 78.5% of women women who use Facebook believe you shouldn't become "Facebook Official" 63.5% of men until your relationship is exclusive in real life. RULE RESPOND TO COMMENTS AND MESSAGES IN A TIMELY MANNER. 09 Don't ignore people, that's rude. Thoughtfully respond within twenty-four hours. RULE DO NOT POST EXCESSIVE COUPLE-Y PHOTOS. 10 You guys are cute, we get it. But we do not need to see yet another photo of you eating together, walking the dog together or – the worst offender – cuddling in bed. RULE TAKE IT EASY ON THE 11 APPLICATION INVITES. Don't spam friends with invites to time-sucking Facebook applications just so you can buy more cows for your farm. One quarter of Facebook users actively play games on the platform. RULE THE GOLDEN RULE: APPLY THE SAME COURTESY, RESPECT AND DECORUM AS YOU WOULD IN REAL LIFE. 12 When in doubt, remember that real world etiquette rules should also apply to our online communities. Practice this and you'll be golden. DATA SOURCES Text by Brett McKay of Art of Manliness Design by Barnickel Design five-employers-use-social-media-to-screen-candidates/ entific-guide-to-maximizing-your-impact-on-twitter- facebook-and-other-digita says-over-250-million-playing-games-each-month (intel) BLAH

12 Golden Rules of Facebook Etiquette

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Modern technology presents contemporary ladies and gents with the kind of etiquette pitfalls Emily Post could never have imagined. Just as World War I was especially bloody because the artillery had p...




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