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100 Social Networking Statistics and Facts for 2014

100 X2014 &F MOBILE DEVICES STATISTICS +FACTS SOCIAL MEDIA+NETWORKING FACT: OUT OF THE WORLD'S 7 BILLION PEOPLE 6 billion have access to mobile phones 45 billion have access to working toilets MOBILE DEVICES SMART PHONES TABLETS of mobile users, use their devices while 86% watching TV 1+ billion people will use a tablet in 2015 75% bring their phones to the bathroom TWO TIMES as many tablets are shipping than PCs 47% can't go more than 24 hours without using their smartphone 34 times a day-is the average number a person checks their smartphone R ONE THIRD f tablet users wll be in China of tablet owners purchase online 12% from their tablets each week 33 hours a day are spent on smartphones EVERY 1 MILLION RECYCLED CELL PHONES CAN RECOVER 35,274 Ibs of copper = 4 female elephants 772 Ibs of silver = 1 Brown Bear 75 Ibs of gold = 1 penguin 33 Ibs of palladium = 4 American rabbits MOBILE ADDICTION USA SOUTH KOREA 1/5 People would rather go without shoes for a week than take a break from their phone 4 hours a day are spent on smartphones A midnight curfew has been issued by the government to block users under 16 years old from accessing online computer games to curb video game addiction. 65% Of people sleep near their smart phones 34% answer during intimacy with their partner Many college students now shower with their cell phone NOMOPHOBIA: The fear of being without a mobile device. SOCIAL NETWORKING STATISTICS The average user spends People search 1 BILLION 40 MINUTES a day on the platform times per day on Facebook 864 million daily active users on average for September 2014 TWICE as many people watch videos in their feed compared to 6 months ago 12 billion messages are sent per day through Facebook The social referral half-life of a tweet is 80% 6.5 HOURS 500 MILLION of users are on mobile Tweets are sent per day 400 MILLION by the year 2018 users will be on Twitter 18 QUINTIILION is the # of accounts Twitter has room for 8* minutes is the average monthly time spent on Google+ 70% Google+ of brands have a presence on 1.15 35% billion users are active monthly of interaction with a Google+ 53% user and a brand is positive minutes is the average duration 3.5 of a Google+ visit $ 69% 81% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they have purchased 57% 36% 80% of U.S. online consumers say they trust information & advice on Pinterest of users pin, re-pin & interact with food- related content of pins get likes with prices than those without of pinterest users are female in Company page usage jumped to 57% 41% connections of people now report 500+ New members are signing up to Linkedin at a rate of 2 per second 67% of Linkedin members are located outside the United States 25% still don't know about the setting that allows them to hide their connections MONTHLY ACTIVE USERS 8* in 1.35 BILLION 343 MILLION 332 MILLION 300 MILLION 284 MILLION 40 MILLION MEDIA SHARING VIDEO PHOTO You Tube VINE YOUTUBE INSTAGRAM FLICKR 1+ 1+ 70 4+ billion Vine loops played daily billion unique users visit YouTube each month million photos a day million photos a day 6+ 30 10+ Vine videos Tweeted every second billion hours of video are watched each month billion photos shared billion photos shared 100 100 2.5 100+ million people watch Vine videos monthly hours of video are uploaded every minute billion likes daily million users 8 YEARS 2.1 BILLION VIEWS 70% Flickr allots up to 30 seconds for a video is what it would take to watch a Vine video from every user Psy's "Gangnam Style" is the most watched YouTube video ever of Instagram users are outside the US vs. Instagram's 15 APPS Fact: Millennials spend 3x as much time watching online tv than non millenials. WORLDWIDE MOBILE APP DOWNLOADS # OF APPS DOWNLOADED IN THE U.S. MONTHLY IN 2014 The average Android and iPhone uses IN 2009 IN 2015 -&- + 8.8 27 30 AVERAGE spends (approximate) (expected) apps per month hours in them 2.52 + 179,628 BILLION + 17 "INSTALL ADDICTS" 80% of time on mobile is BILLION spent inside apps SOCIAL MEDIA & BUSINESS 56% 1.5 of customers' Tweets to companies are being ignored million businesses now spend money on Facebook ads 122% 30 of businesses are paying more per ad unit on Facebook than they did just a year ago 93% million businesses now have a Facebook Fan Page of Marketers use social media for business MOBILE GAMES $12.2 BILLION is the estimated revenue for Asia Pacific in 2014 56% $35.4 BILLION of total global mobile Mobile games will generate more revenue than console titles in 2015 is the estimated mobile games revenue for 2017 games revenue is in Asia Pacific SOCIAL MESSAGING Fact: Global mobile messaging services total 1+ billion users in less than 5 years. SNAPCHAT WHATSAPP 700 MILLION photos shared daily 600 MILLION monthly users 400+ million Snapchat snaps are sent daily 71% of Snapchat users are under 25 100 million monthly active users 1 MILLION register daily 1200 messages sent monthly per user 70% 50 of Snapchat users College students use Snapchat more often than Facebook employees in total are women SOCIAL NEWS million official Reddit app installs billion page views 71.25 1.6 REDDIT million comments 54 9 535 million posts and submissions thousand active communities SELFIES Makati, Phillipines is the city with the most selfies on Instagram. New York City is 2nd. 1+ MILLION photos with #selfie are taken each day Fact: Taking a 'Tiger Selfie' by posing for a photo with a lion, tiger or other big cat, will become illegal in New York in 2015. It was a popular profile photo with young men on social media and dating sites. In August 2014, 'selfie' was officially accepted for use in Scrabble. COPYRIGHT © 2015 GIOVANNA BARGH. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. GIOVANNABARGH.COM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Da

100 Social Networking Statistics and Facts for 2014

shared by giovanna-b on Feb 27
A follow up to the 2012 version. Now, with updated statistics and facts of the major social networks as well as new platforms that have emerged in the last two years. Also included are facts about mob...


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