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10 Strategic Mistakes On Twitter

10 strategic mistakes you are making now on @Twitter that will be harmful for your #OnlinePersonalBranding in future... IMPORTANT NOTE: These guidelines are for #individuals who use @Twitter as a #personal or #professional #brand and are not necessarily representing a #business / #company brand. twitter Mistake # 1 Not following #1 your interests & as a rule following-back Follow your interests everyone who follows you. Instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what's happening around the world. # 2 Mistake # 2 Unfollowing once you have been followed back or repeating it until you get followed Don't follow back just to show courtesy. Chances are you'll end up following all wrong people. Don't be silly to try new tricks and spend your time only increasing Twitter's tagline itself tells you what you should do - Follow number of followers. Chances are you're only spending time on your interests. twitter doing that. You'll soon lose existing followers too. A Twitter, Inc. [US]!/stupidname Mistake # 3 twitter Not using a real picture or having no pic at Search all. stupidname Mistake # 4 Using a stupid or irrelevant @stupidname slarg #4 twitter name #5 Mistake # 5 Not filling details in the Profile Bio What's in a Name? Nothing - If it cannot be A clear Face pic is a must for your Personal Brand. It builds trust in followers and adds value to your remembered and Alright Twitter is not.... Linkedin. But it appears in does not go well profile. Think of Brands that don't have an identifiable Logo. Google search alongside Linkedin and user Bio is with your real name and / or personality important to tell great things about you in a sentence. Don't make the same mistake. Mistake # 6 Not creating lists About @ladygaga to filter noise for #6 content worth 140,770 Following reading. @Ladygaga is most followed 1,162 16,728,352 226,661 Tweets Followers Listed person on Twitter and probably most Listed too. Creating Lists will help you classify & group people you follow. It helps you cut through the noise and not miss important tweets from those who you want to hear more from,......... Also, follow lists created by others and you can get others to find your profile. LinkingR LinkingR Ltd @1080Group Hello Roger. We've heard you a lot of times on the #webinars. We think you've got a pretty good #PersonalBrand. What do you say? 6 Dec Mistake # 7 Not using @reply to converse with in reply to @LinkingR ↑ #7 other tweeters. @1080Group #9 Mistake # 8 Roger Courville Not checking your @replies and direct @LinkingR ha!doing what I was made;to do! look forwardl to *seeing* you at the; messages. next one :) #8 Mistake # 9 6 Dec via TweetDeck Favorite 13 Retweet Reply Posting content without reading its contents Content that have views you do not You don't want to support should be avoided. But how People who don't follow you can send you direct messages, if you follow them. However you can mention anyone @replies and converse with them. So don't just post tweets, engage into ignore personal messages and replies. Do you? Unless they're self-promoting or will you know unless you read it yourself first? conversations with others with common interests. spam. What's happening? Tweeting only texts to fill 140 characters. Mistake # 10 #10 Tweeting only texts & not photos, video, links / URLS. Tweet And, finally one of the most common mistakes is to only post text-based messages - Unless its a part of your strategy. You should occassionally include videos, photos, links to your website or useful content from other sources. LINKINGR Variety is the spice of life and you don't want to be labelled as boring. Do you? 1.......

10 Strategic Mistakes On Twitter

shared by LinkingR on Dec 09
10 Strategic Mistakes You're Making Now On Twitter That Will Be Harmful For Your Online Personal Branding In Future. Twitter is a powerful & useful tool to help you brand yourself however only if y...


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