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10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Can’t Ignore Social Media

10 SMS WHY SMALL BUSINESSES CAN'T IGNORE REASONSI SOCIAL MEDIA 80 If your company is feeling a bit skeptical about SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING and whether or not it's worth the effort, then the following are some reasons why it may be working better than you realise. BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Increase in Exposure 85% of marketers noted gains in business 1) exposure due to Social Media Increase in Traffic Traffic increase is the 2nd most imporant benefit gained. 76% reporting positive results. 2 r Brand Recognition By using consistent effort on Social Media, a company can build a reputation for its brand around your 3 company's values, benefits, and advantages. r Lead Generation 58% of marketers using social media marketing platform enjoyed an increase in Lead Generation. 4 65% of small business owners were more likely than others to generate leads. Improved Search Rankings 55% of marketers on social media experenced improvement in search rankings. The more the time invested on social media the better became the rankings. * Marketplace Insights 65% of marketers use social media as a marketplace intelligence booster. Those spending 6-10 hrs/week 6 were most likely to gain market insights, while 73 % spending 11 hrs/week also saw gains. Growth of Business Partnership Companies spending the most time on Social Media Marketing endeavors were found to gain the most Business Partnership. 52% grew Business Partnership in this way. Improved Sales A significant 45% have indicated increase in sales. 53% of small businesses with 2 or more people experienced sales increase. But it 53% 50% 45% has to be kept in mind that it takes time to reap the benefits. 50% of the marketers who experienced sales increase has used 8 social media marketing for at least 3 years Reduced Marketing Costs Marketing expense reduction was experienced by 46% of businesses. * More Loyal fans 73% of B2C marketers are more likely to develop loyal fan base through social media than B2B marketers (58%). 10 A FEW EXAMPLES OF SMALL BUSINESSES WHO BENEFIT FROM SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Fallowfields (Hotel in Oxfordshire, UK) Turned to Social Media to cut marketing costs and generate new business. Within 18 months, they had over 1,000 twitter followers and had generated new business totalling£150,000. @Fallowfields now has 27,000 followers on Twitter. Southport RoadDental (Private Dental Clinic in Lancashire, UK) Started using Social Media after searching for ways to increase their brand awareness and market reach. The owner, David Hickey, stated that they were originally receiving, at best, one or two new enquiries a day before they started using Social Media. Today, they receive at least six a day, 75% of which are from visitors to their website from social media channels. Bookbinder, Susan Green (Based in Bournemouth) has been selling her handbound journals, and guestbooks online since August 2008. Through Twitter and other social media feeds, she has seen sales increase tenfold within a 12 month period. Susan explains "Twitter has also brought me some valuable exposure. In December 2011, Dragons' Den's Deborah Meaden chose me as her 'Seventh Tweet of Christmas' in her #BuyBritishHelpJobs Twitter campaign for quality goods made in Britain." The list is ever-increasing.... Whilst social media allows small and large businesses to compete on a level playing field, big brands are investing more and more into this marketing channel: THE BIG BUSINESS HOUSES ARE EQUALLY INVESTING BILLIONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. LET'S HAVE A GLIMPSE ON A FEW NAMES Dove BURGER KING GROUPON Red Bull Cadbera MADMEN Procter & Gamble spent more than a third of their £5.8 Billion marketing budget on digital initiatives in 2013. I while many businesses large and small are trying to justify the cost and time investment for managing social media marketing, an important benefit often gets overlooked: Big Wins. For example, if someone from LinkedIn connects you with a significant government contract, then that would certainly qualify as a Big Win. If a major media outlet finds you on Twitter and interviews you for a national article, then that is also a Big Win-one that you can't measure based on revenues directly generatedL Forbes Sources: IS lason Squires Social Media For Business D: スニ

10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Can’t Ignore Social Media

shared by taylordavies8788 on Jan 18
If your company is feeling a bit skeptical about Social Media Marketing, and whether or not it’s worth the effort, then the below infographic highlights 10 reasons why it may be working better than ...


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