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10 Examples Of ROI in Social Media

10 EXAMPLES of ROI in SOCIAL MEDIA EVIDENCE Used Twitter as a direct ordering channel between the company Coffee Groundz and its customers. Company Twitter. Channels Used Reported 20%-30% increase in company sales and market share via Twitter. Used Twitter as Ordering Channel Method Used $25 mm Annual Revenue 25% Increase to Sales & Market Share Changes Experienced Total of 14,490 Twitter Followers. ГнЕ COFFEE GROUND GELATO Built community of 13,000 people for insights regarding new $80+ mm Annual Revenue products prior to going to market. Saves the company $100,000's Vitabiotics annually versus traditional research and test marketing. Company Twitter, Facebook, & Blog. Channels Used 13,000+ Person "Online Community". Method Used 95% Completion Rate on New Saves $100K's in traditional Test Mktg. Changes Experienced Product Trials. VITABIOTICS WHERE NATURE MEETS SCIENCE Used Twitter to geo-locate and feature upscale stores where Jimmy Choo their sneakers were available. Company Twitter. Channels Used +33% increase in sneaker sales. $32 mm Annual Revenue Tweets w/ Geo-Tags of Upscale Shops. Method Used 33% Sales Increase Changes Experienced 40% increase in positive tweets and mentions about the brand. JIMMY CHOO In the Phillipines, Kraft wanted to make Toblerone synonymous $40 mm with gratitude. Annual Revenue They established Oct. 20 as the country's National Thank You Day. Co. Site, Multiple SN's. Channels Used Toblerone Sales Escalated 132% Changes Experienced Kraft/Toblerone Company National "Thank You" Day - Oct. 20 Method Used Social Networks & Co. Site cause 500,000 hits and Toblerone sales escalated 132%. TOBLERONE Organic Tea DOUBLED sales via coupons downloaded and shared on Facebook and Twitter. After Steaz Company Facebook and Twitter. They also Used discussion on information regarding "how and why" organic teas mattered. Channels Used Sharable Coupons & Discussions. Method Used $8 mm Annual Revenue ubled Sales Changes Experienced 250,000 coupons downloads and 2,830 tweets were recorded an hour. steaz. 9. Used Twitter as social maître'd to build relationships with 75% $5+ mm of customers. Annual Revenue Weekly sales were up +60% a AJ Bombers year later. Company FourSquare, Twitter, FB Channels Used Twitter as social maitre'd & FourSquare Day. Declared a "Foursquare Day" to earn a Śwarn Badge and increased sales +110%. Method Used 60% & then 110% Sales Increases. Changes Experienced BOMBERS@ Operates 33 luxury hotels in California, on Tuesday nights broadcasted $79/night deals. Joie de Vivre Company Twitter and Facebook. Broadcasted to 10,000 Twitter followers and 5,000 Facebook Channels Used Broadcasted $79 Luxury Rooms. Method Used $240 mm Annual Revenue Booked 1,000 otherwise empty rooms. Changes Experienced page fans. Booked roughly 1,000 rooms, that would have stayed empty. DevfopoStrong Customer Loyaty The Joie de Vivre Heart dng an Enthusiastic Staf Mtaning Profitable Sustainable Business Creating Unique Corporite Cuture Produced videos blending everything from golf balls to an $40+ mm Annual Revenue iPad. YouTube and Twitter Channels Used Made videos blending various items. Method Used (Some viewed over 14 million times). They increased company sales +700% within a year. Blendtec Increased Sales by +700%. Changes Experienced Company Demonstrate Brand's passionate belief in their product. OBlendtec Started the company w/ ONLY Facebook and Twitter pages. Foiled Cupcakes Company Twitter and Facebook Channels Used Today, 97% of Foiled Cupcakes' Commitment to build relationships. Method Used customers come from social $32 mm Annual Revenue Still exceeding sales forecasts by +600%. Changes Experienced media. foiled Exceeds forecasts by 600%. Had a 40,000 Cupcake Order. CUPCAKES 10 Fans petitioned Cadbury to bring back discontinued "Wispa" Bar, $40 mm Annual Revenue 40 million bars sent to market. Facebook and Twitter Channels Used Answered petition & sold 40 mm bars. Changes Experienced A mere 18 weeks after answering the petition, Cadbury sold all| 40 million; that's 4 per second! Cadbury Wispa Company Co. was petitioned by consummers. Method Used +30% annual increase to profits w/ "Wispa" bar as star performer. Casbury Wispa Case Study Data: Forbes & WS Journal; Corporate Data: Manta & Hoovers Research: ZatFish; Art: Toll Free: (855) MASHOUT SOCIAL ROI EVIDENCE COFFEE SPIRITS TEA SOCIAL ROI EVIDENCE SOCIAL ROI EVIDENCE SOCIAL ROI EVIDENCE SOCIAL ROI EVIDENCE SOCIAL ROI EVIDENCE SOCIAL ROI EVIDENCE SOCIAL ROI EVIDENCE SOCIAL ROI EVIDENCE SOCIAL ROI EVIDENCE

10 Examples Of ROI in Social Media

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The tried and tested methods of evaluating return on investment don’t always apply quite as explicitly when it comes to gauging success on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. While these tools c...






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Social Media
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