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The Wonderful World of Energy

The Wonderful WORLD OF ENERGY "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from ├Âne form to another." E=me Albert Einstein 1\FOSSIL FUELS \\\\\\ Fossil Fuels are so named because they have been formed from the organic remains of prehistoric plants and animals. What gives ou our world energy? 40% 27% 23% OIL COAL GAS Energy Reserves and Years Left 2013 2013 900 eiION 320 BILLION TONNES BILLION TONNES BILLION TONNES 2050 2050 2060 2060 2090 2090 DIFFERENT TYPES um OF ENERGY J Energy has a number of different forms. Some we can see, some we can feel and some we can hear. Here are some of the different types of energy we experience every day of our lives. Kinetic The energy of motion. Thermal Potential The amount of A product of heat and is linked to kinetic energy. energy an object can store as a result of its position. Chemical Stored in bonds of chemical compounds. Electrical Most commonly stored in the clouds above and released in the form of Lightning. Noclear Released during nuclear reactions. () Sound Electromagnette Familiar to most of us in the forms of Light and heat. Produced when a force causes an object or substance to vibrate. RENEWABLE ENERGY Fossil Fuels are our main source of energy, but once they run out we will need to tum to altemative sources. Here are three renewable energy sources and how they work: Solar using the energy from the sun 1 Solar panels convert sun's energy into electricity. 2 A control device changes this electricity. enabling it to power electrical items. 3. The electricity then passes through a breaker box to outlets in the building 4 Electrical items can plug into the outlets for power Tidal ROADS Along the top allow traffic to cross the estuary. the energy using from water. TIDAL FLOW Out of the generator. TIDAL FLOW TURBINE Into the generator Converts tidal flow into electricity. wind 1 Rotating generator converts wind energy to electricity using the energy from the wind 2 Transformer increases voltage for transmission to substation 3. Substation increases voltage for transmission over long distances . 4 Transmission to grid. SOURCES: MoneySupermarket com

The Wonderful World of Energy

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Take a look inside the wonderful world of energy. How long do our fossil fuels have left and find out how renewable sources work.


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