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Will it be a White Christmas?

Will It Be a White Christmas? What is a White Christmas? The definition that is most widely used for a White Christmas is We've gathered data from for a single snow flake to be observed falling within the 24 hour the last 50 Christmases. period on the 25th December. Perhaps you can think back to your own Conditions for Snow! White Christmases and Snow forms when temperatures are low and there is moisture in see if they match with our data. the atmosphere. The perfect temperature is between -2°C and 2°C, with the heaviest snowfall this country has seen tending to fall when it is between zero and 2°C. 1963 According to the Last 50 Years: White Christmases in the capitals: The regions most and least likely to experience a White Christmas: Belfast: Most: Edinburgh: Northern Scotland: 28 Least: London: South East England: 10 Cardiff: Chances of snow this Christmas: 62% 42% 28% 26% Scotland England Wales Northern Ireland Fun Facts A change of calendar in 1752 brought Altnaharra When Britain went (North Scotland) through a 'Little Ice recorded the coldest UK Christmas back by 12 Age' between Christmas day 1600 and 1814, days. The 6th of ever with a January is still known as "Old Christmas Day'. Frost Fairs were held temperature of -18.2°C. on the frozen Thames. Data Logging SolutiIons

Will it be a White Christmas?

shared by MarkSignatrol on Dec 03
At Signatrol we love Christmas, especially if there is snow involved! Click on our animated infographic to see if you can start dreaming of a White Christmas this year!


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