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Why isn't there a cure for Ebola yet?

WHY ISN'T THERE A CURE FOR EBOLA YET? (BECAUSE DRUG DEVELOPMENT TAKES A LOT OF RESEARCH, MONEY AND TIME) DISCOVERY AND PRE-CLINICAL Researchers identify a disease or condition and determine its biological basis. Thousands of different 24 5% molecules are studied as chemists narrow down 6-7 years It takes 12-15 years on average to develop a new drug. compounds that might work on a disease. Only about 1 to 3 compounds make the cut as potential new drugs. They then have to be purified and tested on animals before being approved for human testing. Only about 1 in 20 drug $50 billion is spent in the U.S. annually on candidates becomes approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). drug development. CLINICAL TRIALS If the drug candidate performs well in clinical trials, then it is up to the FDA to decide whether to approve it. 4-6 years This is the most expensive part of the drug development process, often costing $800-900 million. Testing in- volves three phases that determine if the drug is safe, if it actually works and potential side effects, using test groups of dozens to thousands of patients. Options are available to fast track drug candidates that are in Healthy volunteers are used during the trial before the drugs are The drugs are tested for potency and specificty to ensure they're the best. The drug company has to file for approval where the drug will be tested on sick patients. marketed. APPROVAL AND POST-MARKETING urgent need to treat serious conditions such as Ebola. If the drug makes it through all the clinical trials, it is sent to the FDA for final approval, which can take up to 18 months. The FDA may also require post-approval 2-3 years studies of drug safety or side effects. After approval, the drug can go to market, and that's when the drug Ebola Virus makes it to your medicine cabinet. Ebola Virus Particles Ebola Fever Virus HERE'S WHERE VARIOUS EBOLA TREATMENTS ARE IN THE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS: ВСХ4430 ZMAPP ТКM-ЕВOLA AVI-7537 BRINCIDOFOVIR This is an RNAI (RNA interference) therapeutic by Tekmira. It's in Phase I of trials and has also been This is from Biocryst This is an antibody cocktail developed by Mapp Pharmaceuticals. It is This drug made by Sarepta Therapeutics is This antiviral from Pharmaceuticals and is Chimerix is currently in another antiviral. It is late in the discovery phase and has not yet been approved also an RNA treatment. Phase III of clinical trials There is only enough of the drug in supply to treat 24-25 patients. It's currently in the pre-clinical and has been FDA- approved for testing on patients with Ebola. stage and has been tested approved for testing on for trials. in primates and in two patients with Ebola. humans. currently in Phase I of clinical trials. REACTIONS EVERYDAY CHEMISTRY @acsreactions Sources: DIS

Why isn't there a cure for Ebola yet?

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This is an infographic describing the process to develop a new drug.


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