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What Would Happen if the Sun Went Out?

WHAT WOULD SUN WENT HAPPEN IF THE OUT? Because of the time it takes for light to travel, it would take 9 minutes before we even noticed that the sun had gone out. And solar panels would quickly become useless without sunlight to generate electricity. The average surface temperature of the earth would drop below o degrees Fahrenheit in less than a week. Since photosynthesis would stop, most plants would be dead after only a few weeks. After a year, average temperatures would be at -100 degrees Fahrenheit and upper layers of the oceans would have frozen over. The freezing and eventual loss of the atmosphere would leave the earth's surface exposed to cosmic radiation. Potentially, humans could survive by using volcanic heat to keep buildings warm. However, survivors would need to find a way to raise plants and animals in these locations to live. lar-system/the-earth/other-catastrophes/62-what-would-hap pen-to-us-if-the-sun-went-out-for-an-hour-beginner E ELEMENTS CAPITAL GROUP der/what-would-earth-be-like-without-the-sun

What Would Happen if the Sun Went Out?

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The sun provides the needed energy for plants to grow and for us to thrive—and if you’ve taken advantage of solar power loans to get solar panels installed on your rooftop, the electricity in your...


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