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Wellcome Trust grant funding in numbers

wellcometrust Grant funding Wellcome Trust grant funding in numbers Our vision is to achieve extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. To do this, we fund a range of grants that support the brightest minds in biomedical research and the medical humanities – across the entire career spectrum, from PhD students to world-leading researchers. Funding is provided through our three funding divisions: Science Funding, Technology Transfer and Medical Humanities & Engagement. Strategic Awards Institutional Themed Seeding Drug Discovery initiative Strategic Support Fund £58m Initiatives £49m £42m Fellowships & Studentships Translation £95m Awards Equipment, £720m £89m Resources Investigator Awards & Capital £108m £250m Technology Transfer Major Awards £376m £53m Major Awards £36om Health Innovation Challenge Fund £35M Affordable Current Science Healthcare Trust grants £2,840m in India Funding £13m £2,373m Strategic & Major Awards £24m Major Overseas Programmes £107m Society & Ethics Other MH&E* £91m Programme & Project £5m £15m Grants Medical £299m UK Centres Humanities Strategic Awards £52m Public £34m Engagement £18m £325m Themed Initiatives £90m Current Trust grants As of I October 2013, we were funding 2,983 active grants with a total value of £2,840 million. 2,369 grants worth £2,373m were in Science Funding, 147 grants with a value of £376m were in Technology Transfer and 467 grants with a value of £91m were in Medical Humanities & Engagement. *MH&E: Medical Humanities & Engagement Grant expenditure over past 25 years £II4m £91m £108m | £44m Our annual grant expenditure has increased from £42m in 1988/89 to £607m in 2012/13. Science funding support has increased progressively across the field, while new forms of grant funding for technology transfer, medical humanities and public engagement £12m £426m £949m £1,93Im £1,672m £2,235m have been introduced. £37m £105m Medical Humanities & Engagement £370m Science Funding Technology Transfer 1988/89-1992/93 1993/94–1997/98 £438m 1998/99-2002/03 £2,059m 2003/04-2007/08 £1,885m 2008/09-2012/13 £2,719m £993m TI Trust grant expenditure 2012/13 Key SA £15m ISSF £20m £3m TA AHI: Affordable Healthcare In India F&S £140m ER&C: Equipment, Resources & Capital F&S: Fellowships & Studentships HICF: Health Innovation Challenge Fund ISSF: Institutional Strategic Support Fund IA: Investigator Awards MA: Major Awards MH: Medical Humanities £3om ER&C £16m Last year we awarded 927 new grants (including 45 awards to more than one organisation) and 214 supplementary and enhancement awards. 580 grants were in Science Funding, 306 were in Medical Humanities & Engagement and 41 were in Technology Transfer. Our largest single award was £7om for SDDI TT IA EIобт £33m £9om Trust grant expenditure 2012/13 £607m HICF £8m Science Funding £493m MH&E: Medical Humanities & Engagement MOP: Major Overseas Programmes O: Other PE: Public Engagement SA: Strategic Awards SDDI: Seeding Drug Discovery Initiative S&E: Society & Ethics TA: Translation Awards TI: Themed Initiatives АНI £Im £9om SA £2m S&E MOP £16m construction costs for the Francis £4m £5m МН SA Crick Institute, our smallest was £552 for a Medical Humanities research expenses award. мH&E UKC £Iom £81m £24m PE £2m TT: Technology Transfer TI UKC: UK Centres £8m £17m Age and gender of grant recipients Full application award rates 2012/13 Expenditure by challenge area 2009/10-2012/13 Over the past 5 years (2008/09-2012/13), 37% of all our grants have been awarded to females and 63% to males. Females are more likely to apply for, and consequently be awarded, grants for Medical Humanities, Public Engagement and Science Funding early-career schemes. The average age of grantholders in Technology Transfer is higher as it does not provide career-based support schemes. Our overall award rate for full applications is 24%. However, many schemes also include a preliminary application stage (over 75% of preliminary applications for Technology Transfer are not invited to submit a full application). In our Strategic Plan 2010-20 we introduced five major challenge areas. Grants award since have been distributed across these challenge areas as follows: Science Funding Development, ageing and chronic disease I,I14 Technology Transfer applications Medical Humanities Science £868m Funding 2,369 grants & Engagement 147 grants 271 awards 12% A Combating infectious 88% 795 Technology Transfer Environment, nutrition and health disease 51 190 £28m £568m 24% 348 Understanding award rate Medical Humanities & 41 the brain Genetics £474m Engagement 467 grants 24% 35% & genomics Not Average 12% £240m categorisable 53% . 47% *includes preliminary applications age £423m 39 65% 43 Geographic distribution of current grants Trust grants are currently held by 385 different organisations. 91% of current grant funding is awarded to UK organisations; however, this includes funds administered by UK organisations for research undertaken overseas. UK organisations that receive over £25m and have more than Io awards are detailed here. Grantholders currently funded on Science Funding personal age >60 20 7 55-59 22 support schemes 10 50-54 44 19 45-49 63 Grants over £25m I. £422m University of Oxford 2. £308m University of Cambridge 3. £228m University College London 4. £131m Imperial College London 5. EI15m University of Edinburgh 6. £104m University of Dundee 38 40-44 68 75 35-39 121 14 10 124 30-34 192 344 <30 341 £95m_King's College London 7. 8. £8om London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine A comparable number of male and female researchers are funded on PhD studentships and early-career fellowships, but as funding schemes become targeted at more senior-level researchers the relative number of female £50m Newcastle University £43m University of Manchester £40m University of Glasgow £37m University of Bristol £36m Cardiff University 9. 13 12 3/4/7/8/15 IO. II. 12. 13. £28m Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine £28m Institute of Cancer Research 14. applicants, and consequently recipients, declines. 15. On I October 2013, our grants were funding the salaries of approximately For more information: I0,000 fellows, students, researchers, technicians, nurses, fieldworkers, managers & other staff. The Wellcome Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales, no. 210183. Its sole trustee is The Wellcome Trust Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, no. 2711000 (whose registered office is at 215 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE, UK). MG-5737.0/1k/01-2014/PE DD

Wellcome Trust grant funding in numbers

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An infographic breaking down the Wellcome Trust's grant funding numbers.


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