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Weird Science Facts You Probably Haven't Heard Of

WEIRD SCIENCE 35 UNBELIEVABLE FACTS Bless those hardworking scientists helping us understand human life and the world we live in, whilst developing new technologies and theories to help us improve our standard of living. And bless the scientists who discovered the following 35 weird facts which help keep us entertained, and a little bit perplexed. * THE HUMAN BODY * 12 TON A full head of human hair is strong enough to support 12 tonnes It takes a red blood cell The average person's body contains enough DNA to stretch from the Human bodies contain ten times more about one minute to complete a circuit of the body bacterial cells than sun to Pluto and back human cells 17 times When awake, the human brain The human brain takes in eleven million bits of information every second, but only recognises 40 produces enaugh electricity to power a small lightrilb * ANIMAL WORLD * Beavers' teeth never stop growing Dinosaurs became Pandas must eat 28 Anteaters eat 35,000 ants every day extinct before the Alps were formed pounds of bamboo every day to survive A Galapagos tortoise can go a year without food and drink * PLANET EARTH If you drilled a hole through the Earth and jumped in, it would take 42 minutes to reach the An average cumulus cloud weighs the same as 80 elephants A single bolt of lightning contains the required energy to cook 100,000 slices of toast Lava can flow as fast as a greyhound mid-sprint other side 10% Snow leopards leap can 50 feet in one jump 10% of all humans ever There are roughly one million earthquakes born, are alive right now every year * SPACE AND BEYOND * On Venus, one day lasts longer than one Earth year The universe is made And there are as many Astronauts can't burp in up of 50,000,000,000 galaxies as 1,000,000,000,000 stars in the average galaxy space Another star will become the North Star in Year 3,727 The Sun makes up 99% of our solar systems mass 3D * FOOD AND DRINK * Floney Potatoes have more Vanilla flavouring, Apples belong to the rose family Honey never spoils chromosomes than castoreum, comes from the anal glands of humans beavers Cocont water can be used Humans crave sugar as human blood plasma from birth * ANIMAL WORLD * The strongest creatures on Earth are gonorrhoea bacteria Rats multiply so quickly, that two rats may have over a million descendants in just 18 months The Sicilian cheese, 15% of snails survive casu marzu, is purposefully infested with maggots before being consumed digestion by birds The deceased can still get goosebunps SOURCES Families/Rosaceae.htm InterFocus Tel. 01223 894833

Weird Science Facts You Probably Haven't Heard Of

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Did you know that beaver's teeth never stop growing? Or that potatoes have more chromosomes than humans? Or that 15% of snails survive being eaten by birds? We've collected 35 of our favourite scient...




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