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Vaccines Some Key Developments and Pioneers

VACCINES: SOME KEY DEVELOPMENTS & PIONEERS 1880-0 1796 Smallpox Edward Jenner 1885 Rabies 1890-0 Louis Pasteur 1898 Plague (Yersinia pestis) Paul-Louis Simond 1900-0 1906 Typhoid fever Almroth Wright 1910-0 1913 Diphtheria toxoid Emil von Behring 1921 Tuberculosis (BCG vaccine) 1920-0 Albert Calmette & Camille Guérin 1937 Yellow fever 17D Max Theiler 1930-0 1944 Human influenza (killed-virus vaccine) Thomas Francis 1940-0 1955 Polio (inactivated) Jonas Salk 1950-0 1961 Polio (live attenuated) Albert Sabin 1963 Measles 1960-0 Maurice Hilleman 1974 Chickenpox (varicella) Michiaki Takahashi 1970-0 1977 Pneumococcal pneumonia (multivalent) Robert Austrian 1980-0 1981 Hepatitis B, inactivated, from carriers' blood plasma, Maurice Hilleman •1986 Hepatitis B (first vaccine produced by recombinant DNA) Pablo Valenzuela 1990-0 2006 Childhood diarrhea (rotavirus) 2000-0 Paul Offit, Miguel O'Ryan 2006 Cervical human papillomaviruses Merck & Co and GlaxoSmithKline, lan Frazer, Doug Lowy 2010-0 2011 Cancer (DNA-based vaccine clinical trial planned) 2020-0 THE SCIENTIST, JUNE 2011

Vaccines Some Key Developments and Pioneers

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This infogrpahic provides a handy timeline about vaccines. It shows famous vaccine discoveries through the times, who discovered them and what diseases they help prevent.


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