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U.S. Manufacturing: A History

U.S. Manufacturing: A History 1785 1801 Beginning of Modern Bulk Material Handling Eli Whitney Demonstrates Interchangeable Parts Whitney owed the US An automatic flour mill is built by Oliver Evans and uses a leather belt bucket elevator, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, & other devices government 10,000 contracted muskets and needed a quick way to produce them 1820 US Industrial Revolution Begins ) Coal power and machine production change the world 1* American Steam Locomotive Completed The Tom Thumb raced a horse drawn cart to prove the superior power of steam engines American System of Manufacturing 1830 |1850. 1908 becomes popular. Interchangeable LAparts & mechanization galore First Car Manufactured in US The first Model T rolls off the assembly line. It cost $850 and was only offered in black 1st Moving Assembly Line Ford installs the first moving assembly line 1913 1926 Lean Manufacturing Toyota begins developing Just- In-Time (JIT)' manufacturing & 'autonomation'. These concepts become widely adopted in the 1990's as Lean Manufacturing Unified Assembly Buick unveils it's "unified assembly line" in Flint, MI. It is the largest and most efficient car assembly system in the world 1930's 1942 International Organization for 1947 Standardization Founded ISO is founded to develop international standards for business and technology Jet Engines Developed 1953 A First Commercial Silicon Transistor First CAD Software Created 1954 May 10, 1954 – Texas Instruments announces First Programming Language: | 1954 availability of commercial transistors FORTRAN developed by IBM |1958 * Integrated Circuits "Chips" Developed Allowing a higher level of processing Industrial Robots Introduced and modern automation ABB Robotics and KUKA Robotics introduce industrial robots to the European market and they are quickly adopted in 1960's OEE Developed to evaluate how effectively a manufacturing operation is utilized the US 1973 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Act OSHA standards around safety Smart Camera's Developed Character, date and code verification performed by cameras and machine vision systems for manufacturing begin development and health in the American workplace are developed 1980's 1981 1981 First PC introduced Six Sigma Developed by Motorola 1983 Patent for RFID Tags granted to The quality system seeks to remove defects and minimize errors. This strategy became famous in 1995 when Jack Welch implemented it at GE Charles Walton Skid Mounted Design of U.S. Manufacturing Enterprise Integration Act of 2002 Enacted to develop the foundations for a Smart Manufacturing 2000's Process Systems becomes popular infrastructure and 2002 approaches Gesture Based Automation for manufacturing begins development 2007 First iPhone released 2010 U.S. Manufacturing Today | 11% of GDP is from manufacturing 1 in 6 jobs is a manufacturing job* $35.94 of GDP are produced for every hour of work, the highest productivity rate in the world 28% average higher salaries than workers in 47% O U.S. exports are other industries manufactured products * private sector Created by: Data from: National Association of Manufa cturers REPIC Forbes Manufa cturing Day US Department of Treasury The Manufacturing Institute The Wall Street Journal 314-845–0777

U.S. Manufacturing: A History

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$1.87 trillion, that’s how much manufacturing contributed to US economy in 2012. Manufacturing is the backbone of the United States, and something our nation was built on. As a system integrator, we...


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