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Uranium: The Metal of Tomorrow

VISUAL CAPITALIST URANIUM THE METAL OF TOMORROW "History Thanium THE 1789 The discovery of uranium is credited to Martin Klaproth, who named the element after the planet URANUS. He discovered uranium while 1800s analyzing pitchblende samples from a silver mine. The only use of uranium was to colour glass and ceramics. "LITTLE BOY" contained 64 KG OF URANIUM 1934 Research by Enrico Fermi leads 1951 The first peaceful use of nuclear power is demonstrated when an experimental nuclear reactor in Idaho Falls lights four ordinary light bulbs. to uranium use as a nuclear weapon and nuclear fuel source. 1945 The first atomic bomb "Little Boy" is dropped on Hiroshima. The second "Fat Man" is dropped 3 days later on Nagasaki. | 1953 President Eisenhower delivers his historic "Atoms for Peace" speech to the UN. He envisions the creation of an international body to promote and control peaceful use of atomic energy and to inhibit its use for military purposes. 1957 THE The International Atomic Energy SCIENCE Agency, or IAEA is formed. OF URANIUM A GALLON OF MILK weighs about A same-sized chunk of URANIUM METAL BLBS weighs over uranium 150Ac. 92 LBS 238.03 Uranium has very high density, approximately 70% MORE DENSE than lead, but slightly less dense than gold. Low concentrations of uranium occur naturally in soil, granite and seawater. As uranium decays it provides a MAJOR HEAT source for the earth causing convection and continental drift. MORE ABUNDANT THAN SILVER URANIUM IS NATURALLY 40 TIMES MORE COMMON THAN GOLD 500 TIMES THE Price In 2007, speculators pushed --: the price of uranium higher. OF URANIUM .... $120/LB $80/LB IN 2013 ~$40/LB $40/LB 2003 2005 2007 2009 2012 By 2011, uranium was trading at $68/lb, until the FUKUSHIMA EARTHQUAKE brought the price back to the $40-$60 range. FACTORS THAT COULD BE AFFECTING URANIUM PRICES CHEAPER MORE PLENTIFUL NATURAL GAS RISING COST (OF NUCLEAR PLANT CONSTRUCTION JAPAN Japanese reactors have been shut down since Fukushima, but several are expected to come back online by the end of 2013. Japan is also now the world's LARGEST IMPORTER of liquefied natural gas (LNG). RUSSIA From 1995 through 2012, 272.5 metric tons of high- enriched uranium (HEU) from Russian warheads have been recycled into low-enriched uranium (LEU) fuel for U.S. nuclear er plants. This is the equivalent of eliminating 18,899 nuclear warheads. This is the largest and most successful nuclear non- proliferation program to date. URANIUM AS AN ENERGY SOURCE NUCLEAR O OTHER 30% 13% Nuclear power is the use of sustained nuclear fission to generate heat and electricity. WORLD COAL 41% ELECTRICITY Nuclear power accounts for 5.7% of the world's ENERGY and around 13% of the world's ELECTRICITY. PRODUCTION HYDRO 16% (2008) GAS 21% CLEAN ENERGY Uranium is a relatively clean energy source producing no greenhouse gas emissions. It has been argued that since uranium produces no greenhouse gas it should be used more to PREVENT global warming. DID YOU KNOW? You would have to live right beside a nuclear power plant for over 2,000 YEARS 40 MILLION to get the same amount of radiation exposure that you get from a single diagnostic medical x-ray. KILO WATT HOURS ELECTRICITY 16,000 80,000 TON OF URANIUM TONS OF COAL BARRELS OF OIL AT $45/LB 1 TON IS EQUAL TO $90,000 AT $100/TON 16,000 TONS IS EQUAL TO $1,600,000 AT $95/BARREL 80,000 BARRELS IS EQUAL TO $7,600,000 NUCLEAR ELECTRICITY production has gone UP 8 FOLD since 1971. NUCLEAR ELECTRICITY SHARE () TOTAL SHARE & PRODUCTION PRODUCTION (TERAWATT HOURS) 16% + 14% 12% +2000 10% +1500 +1000 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 URANIUM SUPPLY TOP TEN URANIUM PRODUCERS IN THE WORLD -CIRCA 2010- KAZAKHSTAN was the world leader in uranium PRODUCTION in 2010. CANADA 19% RUSSIAN FEDERATION 7% UERANE AZADISTAM 34% UNITED STATES UZBEKISTAN CHNA 2% 8% NGER NAMBIA 9% AUSTRALIA 11% AUSTRALIA Australia has 31% of the world's RESERVES. Despite this, they have never utilized it for nuclear power. REASONABLY ASSURED URANIUM RESOURCES 1200 1000 -CIRCA 2009- Mine production requiring CANADA 800 $36-560/lb (USD) Canada's uranium mining industry began in 1931 when prospector Gilbert Labine discovered PITCHBLENDE near Great Bear Mine production requiring <$36/lb (USD) Lake in the Northwest Territories. Canada is a major player in the uranium scene due to the high grade uranium found in the ATHABASCA region of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan's known uranium reserves contain approximately FOUR TIMES the energy found in all known conventional oil reserves in Canada (not including the Athabasca oil sands). USA NIGER NAMBIA CANADA SOUTH AFRICA UZBEKISTAN CANADA Major uranium companies CAMECO and AREVA have THELON BASIN BAKER LAKE BASIN producing assets in the Athabasca region as well as exploration projects in Nunavut. ANGIKUNI BASIN YATHKYED BASIN NW.T. Uranium is typically found in sedimentary basins. Canada is home to some of the workf's NUNAVUT highest grade projects: ...... The Athabasca Basin in ATHABASCA BASIN (Saskatchewan / Alberta) ATHABASCA Saskatchewan supplies BASIN ~19% THELON BASIN (N.W.T. / Nunavut) of the world's total BAKER LAKE BASIN (Nunavut) uranium output. SASKATCHEWAN ANGIKUNI BASIN (Nunavut) Source: Sasketchewan Mining Association (2011) YATHKYED BASIN (Nunavut) PROJECTING THE FUTURE OF 300 URANIUM SUPPLY ESTIMATED DEMAND 250 >$120/lb ***: 200 >$100/lb NEW MINE >$80/lb PRODUCTION 150 REQUIRES 100 SUPPLY FROM EXISTING MINES 50 Source: SECONDARY SUPPLIES Paladin Energy Ltd, Dundee Capital Markets 2013 2015 2017 2019 2021 2023 2025 GLOBAL URANIUM DEMAND 80,000 World demand for uranium has been INCREASING since the 1950's as the world population continues to grow and demands more energy. WORLD 70,000 CIVIL POWER DEMAND 60,000 2 50,000 40,000 30,000 20,000 WORLD TOTAL URANIUM SUPPLY FROM MINES 1945 1950 1955 1960 1965 1970 1975 1985 1990 1995 2000 2010 URANIUM 235 is used as a fissile explosive to create nuclear weapons including bombs. MILITARY APPLICATIONS High density penetrators are ammunition used to destruct heavily armoured targets. Tank armour and vehicle armour are also hardened with depleted uranium plates. MINING FUEL CYCLE REFINING PROCESSING URANIUM INTO NUCLEAR FUEL CONVERSION ENRICHMENT FRONT END POWER GENERATION BACK END FUEL FABRICATION The complete cycle from discovery to production is estimated to be 15 TO 20 YEARS, REPROCESSING RECOVERED URANIUM STORAGE & DISPOSAL OF WASTE FUTURE THE DF URANJUMW ANNUAL U REQUIREMENTS 746 GWe 2035 (High) With STRONG DEMAND projected for the future and a current supply deficit being filled by stockpiles, a strong case can be made for higher uranium prices. 540 GWe TONNES U 2010 Current 375 GWe 150,000 100,000 GWe = Gigawatt Electrical 50,000 ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES New technology has made nuclear power plants safer and more efficient than ever before. X Radioactive waste produced is extremely hazardous and difficult to dispose of. The energy produced is clean with zero greenhouse gas emissions. Small accidents and nuclear weapons provide high risk situations. The running costs of a nuclear power plant are relatively low. X Time and money. New nuclear plants take years to build and are expensive. A small/efficient amount of uranium can produce a large amount of energy. X Nuclear power is not a renewable energy source. URANIUM Uranium is a clean energy source that will be used well into the future to help meet the world's growing energy requirements. As more nuclear reactors come online, the demand for uranium will increase, resulting in higher uranium prices. PRESENTED BY peccsb Kivalliq Kivalliq Energy Corporation (TSXV:KIV) A Vancouver-based uranium exploration company advancing Northern Canada's highest grade uranium deposit. ENERGY CORPORATION KNTSXV VISUAL CAPITALIST Educating a new generation of investors on resource investing and management VISUAL CAPITALIST Top Sources: For a complete list of sources, please visit: AUSTRALIA KAZAKHSTAN CHINA BNIVA Tonnes (U) 2005

Uranium: The Metal of Tomorrow

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Nuclear power is a clean energy source that will be used well into the future to help meet the world’s growing energy requirements. Here we highlight uranium’s history, properties, and fundamental...


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