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Tsunami Smart

Tsunami Science Tsunamis are a series of ocean waves caused by a sudden disturbance of the ocean floor - such as an earthquake or underwater landslide - that displaces a large mass of water. Tsunamis may also be caused by meteors and other extra-terrestrial objects which may impact the surface of the ocean. Main Causes EARTHQUAKES LANDSLIDES Underwater landslides can MA cause tsunamis when material loosened by the landslide moves violently, pushing the water in front of it. SEA VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS 4. Lateral blast 1. Original summit of volcano 2. Volcano collapses 5. Fast-moving debris avalanche crashes into sea 6. Tsunami forms 7. Wave travels out to distant coastlines 3. Magma body is unrooled Large earthquakes beneath the seafloor can generate tsunamis. As illustrated in the diagram above, volcanic eruptions may also cause tsunamis. Characteristics Tsunamis slow down but grow in height as they come ashore. 213 km 23 km ....... Crest Sl water level welengh 50 m We mpitde Depth veloty Wave lengh (metred mh Treugh 4000 m 7000 4000 2000 200 50 10 943 713 504 159 79 36 282 213 151 48 23 10.6 Sea foor Tsunami waves possess varying characteristics. Tsunami waves can reach as high as 10 metres or more and may strike with devastating force. The waves travel at jet airliner speeds in deep ocean but slow down and grow in height as they come ashore. CDEMA USAID ISUNAMI SMART The Caren Disaster TSUNAMI AND OTHER COASTAL HAZARDS WARNING SYSTEM PROJECT (2010) UWI Semi Reah Cee Emergeny Managemen Ageny Soue Se er tcation e Ad

Tsunami Smart

shared by onebourbon on Oct 14
CDEMA, in conjunction with the UWI Seismic Research Centre, launched a regional campaign called TSUNAMI SMART to raise awareness and encourage preparedness. The Infographic was tailored for three dist...






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