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WEATHER UNDERGROUND TORNADOES CITIES & INTERSTATES Tornadoes Across the U.S. (Occurring 10 or more times 1950-2012) Most Active 21+ 51 Oklahoma City, OK 32 Houston, TX 11- 20 30 Huntsville, AL 0-10 • EF-5 FACT: uS. Cities with EF-5 Tornadoes Strong frame houses are leveled [2+ EF-5 tornadoes as of December 31, 2013) from their foundations in an EF-5 tornado. Automobiles fly through the air in excess of 109 yards (100 meters). High-rise buildings have significant structural deformation. 3 Athens, AL Adamsville, AL Birmingham, AL 2 Decatur, AL Hesston, KS Expect winds Huntsville, AL >200 mph 40 Impacted Interstates In some instances tornadoes have been able to pick up cattle. Interstates crossed by FO or greater |-40| 385 Tornado Occurrences |-35 |336 (2011-2013) |-65 | 315 |-75 | 304 Total I 2011 1 2012 1 2013 |-80| 278 3,447 |-20 | 275 |-55 | 264 |-70 | 246 |-90 | 184 |-94| 176 2000 EFO EF1 EF2 EЕЗ EF4 EF5 and carry them several hundred feet O Historic Tornadoes through the air. 1840 Natchez, Mississippi 1925 2011 Midwest/South U.S. Joplin, Missouri The Natchez Tornado had The Tri-State Tornado remains The EF-5, multiple vortex the longest path of any recorded tornado. It stayed on the ground for around the deadliest in U.S. history. It tornado became the costliest tornado in U.S history; causing $2.8 billion in damage, and killing 158 people. killed more than 695 people. 151-235 miles. Tornadoes occur O Global Look at Tornadoes in these regions O Bangladesh tornado 80,000 Homeless 12,000 Injured April 26: "World's Worst Tornado" Daulatpur-Saturia, Bangladesh 1.300 Dead $ Donate The American Red Cross is helping people in Arkansas and several other states affected by Sunday's devastating tornadoes. Send aid to communities impacted by the storms by going to Get Away. Get Shelter. Get Low. For more about tornado awareness go to Sources: City boundaries and Interstates are taken from TIGER 2012 data from the Census Bureau Tornado paths are taken from the 1950-2012 tornado database published by the Storm Prediction Center WEATHER UNDERGROUND sao pewol #


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Tornado facts and statistics, including cities with the most EF-5 tornadoes, interstates that tornadoes have crossed, and the world's worst tornado.


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