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The Top 10 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings

THE TOP 10 MOST COMMON DREAMS AND THEIR MEANINGS Whether you're a flying superhero saving the world from an alien invasion of broccoli monsters or you're an hour late for your audition to become the world's next up-and-coming hit singer and you forget to wear clothes, you have one thing in common with everyone else on the planet, you're dreaming. zZ Everybody dreams, even if you can't remember them in the morning. Plenty of research has been done on the interpretation of dreams and how they relate to our waking life. So we decided to compile a list of the top ten most common dreams and their meanings. Hopefully this list will help you figure out why you can never seem to find a toilet after drinking eighteen gallons of water in dreamland. zZ BEING CHASED Being chased is one of the most common dreams. It suggests that you are running away from a situation in your waking life. This is your body's fight-or-flight reaction. It can be terrifying to be chased but you need to confront this problem head-on in order to find peace. FLYING! WAHOO! zzZ Soaring through the air like a superhero in your dream indicates that you have been released from a weighty circumstance in your waking life. You feel free, liberated, and at peace. How well you fly may also indicate how much control you have over your life. zZ zZ CAN'T FIND A TOILET Toilets are what we use to take care of some very basic needs. If you can't seem to find a toilet in your dream then it means that you are finding it difficult to meet your own needs in your waking life. This happens when you spend time looking after other's needs more than your own. zZ „zZ FAAAAAAALLING Falling in a dream means that you are holding on too tightly to a problem in your waking life. You just need to relax and let things fall where they may. Trust yourself more in your waking life. You got this. VEHICLES Vehicles in your dream are symbolic of how much control you think you have over any current situations in your waking life. If your vehicle is out of control in your dreams you should stop trying to manage everything so closely. You need to put on the brakes and loosen your grip on these situations. zZ „zZ DEATH...dun dun DUNNN! Death in dreams is often perceived as negative. However, it is simply symbolic of a dramatic change going on in your waking life, good or bad. It represents the end of something old and the beginning of something new. zZ „zZ zZ 23 23 23 23 UNPREPARED FOR AN EXAM 23 Exams are how we judge others and ourselves. Being unprepared for an exam in a dream means you critically examine yourself in your waking life and that you may feel inadequate about an upcoming event. Accept yourself and your abilities instead of being self-critical. 23 |23 23 23 zZ 23 23 23 23 HH! AAHH! AAHH! AAHH! NAKED IN PUBLIC HH! Your clothes are how you present yourself to the world. Being naked or in your underwear in public in your dream is symbolic of feeling vulnerable or exposed (wink*). You are scared that people will see through you or your façade. Try to open up in your waking life and let people get to know the real you (with your clothes on). AAHH! zZ HH! AAh AAH. AAH. HH! AAHH! AAHH! AAHH! TEETH FALLING OUT zZ This is a bizarre one, for sure. Teeth are symbolic of your confidence and power. Teeth falling out in your dream mean that some situation in your waking life is causing your self-worth to fall apart. Try to see the situation as a challenge instead of a blow to your confidence. zZ ΒΕING LATE zZ Being late in your dream indicates that you are missing out on an important opportunity in your waking life. You engage in busy and sometimes meaningless activities. You need to learn to use your time effectively or you will continue to be late. zZ zZ (: STOP DREAMING AND GET YOUR DEGREE! SOURCES: WWW.UNCOVERDISCOVER.COM, Www.THECRAZYFACTS.COM, WWW.IANWALLACEDREAMS.COM, WwW.ASDREAMS.ORG zZ COLLEGEATLAS.ORG O 2004 - 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED de

The Top 10 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings

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Whether you're a flying superhero or you forgot to study for your latest exam, you have one thing in common with everyone else on this planet: you’re dreaming. While some of the most common dreams...


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