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Timeline of the Far Future

TIMELINE E FAR FUTURE THE EARTH HUMANITY HEAVENS IIIII| ||||||||||||||||||||||||I||||| | What can we expect in 1,000 years, 10,000 years, a million, 10 quadrillion? There may be trouble ahead. SIZE = MAGNITUDE OF EVENT 1,000 Buildings decayed 1,000 Most words extinct ONE THOUSAND YEARS FROM NOW 2.000 Greenland ice melted If civillisation collapses, most buldings, bridges & dams around today Due to rapid evolution of languages, no single present day word will have survived Ice sheet completely melted with extreme global warming (+8C) will have fallen Sea leves 6 metres higher 1,000 New North Star 1000 Carbon Dioxide 2,372 Hale-Bopp returns Gamma Cephel replaces Polaris 29% of carbon dioxide released before 2100 3,200 New North Star #2 lota Cephel wins the top spot Comet last seen 1997 still here Due around 4385 AD 5,125 Mayan endtimes (again) 3 May 7138AD You read It here first! 8.000 Humanity's birthday O 10,000 Carbon Dioxide Rough length of the perlod of human civilisation 13,000 Earth's axial tilt reversed 14% of our carbon dioxide still here - Earth tilted towards the Sun in June assuming no solution - Northem hemisphere suffers has been found more extreme weather due to higher percentage of land 18,860 Calendars concur Islamic & Gregorian calendars share the same year. 20,860 TEN THOUSAND YEARS 20,000 Chermobyl finally safe A 25,000 Arecibo message Sent on 16 Nov 1974, radio data is recelved by globular cluster Messler 13 at the far side of the galaxy Earliest a reply could arrive 50.000 Greenland Ice Melted 50,000 KEO time capsule 50.000 Niagra Falls disappears Completely melted with moderate global warming (+2C) Launched in 2014 will re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. It has enough capacity to carry a four-page message from everyone on Earth The remalning 32 km to Lake Erle erodes away and the waterfall ceases to exist. 100,000 Laptop Dissolving 100,000 Constellations.? The stars In the heavens look completely different 100,000 Global disaster! Either a supervolcano or a large climate-altering asterold likely to have 100,000 Nearby supernova VY Canis Majoris will likely The titanium Inyour MacBook starts to corrode explode Into a Hypemova due to Earth's movement through the galaxy affected the Earth 296,000 Voyager 2 vs Sirius ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS The space probe passes within 4.7 light years of the brightest star in the night sky 500.000 Asteroid strike 500,000 Safe plutonium The spent nuclear fuel in today's reactors will finally be safe 500,000 New ice age Final date we can hold off a new global freeze until – If we burn all remaining fossil fuels Earth likely to have been hit by a 1km asterokd by now 1,000,000 Betelgeuse explosion Latest time the red superglant starwll explode. Likely to be easly visible in daylight 1,000,000 Monuments 1,000,000 Glass decomposed ONE MILLION YEARS All glass created to date will have finally degraded Massive stone structures like Giza or sculptures at Mount Rushmore may still exist. Everything else gone 1,450,000 Galactic near miss The star Gliese 710 passes about 11 light years from the Sun. Close enough to perturb the Oort cloud, triggering 4,000,000 Pioneer 11 Probe passes the Lambda Aquilae system, 125 light years from Earth 5.000.000 Men extinct? penetration of comets into the Inner solar system Some have proposed the Y chromosome could die out 7.200,000 Mount Rushmore eroded - making men Impossible. But new research shows It's here to stay. 8,400,000 LAGEOS re-entry The satellite's orbits are programmed to decay & re-enter Earth's atmosphere carying messages and maps to future descendents of humanity 10,000,000 A new ocean formed 10,000,000 Earth irradiated Red Sea flooded, dividing the continent of Africa Star T Pyxidi, 3,260 light years away goes supernova. Close enough to bathe the planet with gamma radiation, triggering mass extinctions TEN MILLION YEARS 50,000,000 Galactic empire 50.000.000 Mediterranean gone 50,000,000 Antarctica ice melt Africa has collided with Eurasla, sealing off the Mediterreanean Basin and creating a mountaln range similar to the Himalayas Migrates north and melts, raising sea levels by 75m Time at which the entire galaxy could be colonised even at sub-light speeds 60.000.000 Earth's orbit unpredictable Australla and Indonesia merge The effects of gravity multiply over long periods, making orbits chaotic and impossible to predict 150,000,000 Atlantic ocean shrinks ONE HUNDRED MILLION YEARS America and Africa start 240,000,000 Galactic orbit moving back together until. 250.000.000 All continents fused The solar system will have completed one entire revolution around the Milky Way Three possible configurations for the final supercontinent: 600,000,000 Total solar eclipses impossible Tidal acceleration pushes the moon 600.000.000 End of C3 photosynthesis too far away from Earth for total solar eclipses to be impossible One of the three types of photosynthesis will no longer be possible. 99% of all species will die Novopangaea Amasla Pangaea Proxima m Game over, man 800.000.000 End of multicellular life C4 photosynthesis no longer The Sun's luminosity increases 10% Earth's surface temperature rises to 47C The oceans evaporate. Atmosphere becomes a "molst greenhouse" - small pockets of water may still exist at the poles, allowing simple life possible. Multicellular life dies 1,300,000,000 End of most cellular life 2.300.000.000 End of Earth's magnetic field Earth core freezes. Rotation Only those without nuclei generates the magnetic ONE BILLION YEARS CO2 starvation kills all cels 3,500.000.000 Earth like Venus with a nucleus (eukaryotes) (prokaryotes) survive Surface conditions near Identical (read: very nasty) Milky Way vs Andromeda fleld – no rotation and no fleld means no protection from the Sun 2,800,000,000 The end of life Surface temperature hits 147C. All life dies - seeya! Our galaxy collides with a massive neighbour forming a single, super Milkomeda galaxy 5,400,000,000 Sun's hydrogen exhausted Begins to evolve Into a red glant 7,900,000,000 Sun hits max radius 8,000,000,000 Sun = white dwarf TEN BILLION YEARS 256 times current size. Mercury, Venus and maybe Earth destroyed Becomes a carbon-axygen star with about 54% of Its 14.400,000,000, Sun = black dwarf current mass Its temperature and luminosity plummets, makling it invisible to human eyes (not that they exist anymore) The Big Rip One potential end of the universe. All matter is tom apart by the expansion of the unverse. All distances become ONE HUNDRED BILLION YEARS Infinite - not good 100,000,000,000 Local group merge All the local galaxles will start 150,000,000,000 Cosmic microwave background *... to merge. The process will take nearly one trillion years The afterglow of radiation from the Big Bang cools from-270C to near absolute zero, making it undetectable to current technology 1,000,000,000,000 Local group finishes merging 1,000,000,000,000 End of star formation Galaxles have lost the gas clouds needed for star-formation. Earlest estimate ONE TRILLION YEARS TEN TRILLION YEARS 100,000,000,000,000 End of star formation 110,000,000,000,000 Star's Fuel Exhausted Lowest estimate for the end of stellar ONE HUNDRED TRILLION YEARS birth. Beginning of the 'Degenerate Era' of universe-wide star death All stars will have died. The only objects left are remnants: white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes ONE QUADRILLION YEARS TEN QUADRILLION YEARS 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 Earth dies If not consumed by a swollen Sun at 5.4bn years, the Earth's orbit will have finally decayed and It wll plunge Into the sun ONE HUNDRED QUINTILLION YEARS Adams and Laughlin 1997. The Five Ages ofthe Universe, Archer and Brovkin 2008, Dutch 2006, Franck et al 2005, Future Time- line, NASA, New Scientist, O'Malley-James et al 2012, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Schroder and Smith 2008 Scientific American, Ward 2006, Out of thin air: dinosaurs, birds, and Earth's ancient atmosphere and numerous other sources BBC Oibstudio for FUTURE

Timeline of the Far Future

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What can we expect in 1,000 years, 10,000 years, a million, 10 quadrillion? There may be trouble ahead...


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