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The Tale of Early Tech Rival

THE CURRENT WAR THE TALE OF AN EARLY TECH RIVALRY DC AC DIRECT CURRENT ALTERNATING CURRENT The flow of electricity is in one direction only. The system operates at the same voltage level throughout and is not as efficient for high voltage. long distance transmission. Electric charge periodically reverses direction and is transmitted to customers by a transformer that could handle much higher voltages. Alternating current runs through: Direct current runs through: Battery-Powered Devices Fuel and Solar Cells Light Emitting Diodes Car Motors Radio Signals Appliances "IF EDISON HAD A NEEDLE TO FIND IN A HAYSTACK, HE WOULD "ITESLA'S] IDEAS ARE SPLENDID, BUT THEY ARE UTTERLY IMPRACTICAL." VS. NIKOLA TESLA THOMAS EDISON PROCEED AT ONCE... UNTIL HE FOUND THE OBJECT OF HIS SEARCH. I WAS A SORRY WITNESS OF SUCH DOINGS, KNOWING THAT A LITTLE THEORY AND CALCULATION WOULD - THOMAS EDISON HAVE SAVED HIM 90 PERCENT OF HIS LABOR." You would have never found two geniuses so spiteful of each other beyond turn-of-the-century inventors Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. They worked together-and hated each other. Let's compare their life, achievements, and embittered battles. - NIKOLA TESLA 1847 BORN 1858 LATE BLOOMER BIRTHPLACE Thomas Edison, the youngest in his family, didn't learn to talk until he was almost 4 years old. Milan, Ohio Smiljan, Croatia WAR OF CURRENTS OFFICIALLY SETTLED Wizard of Menlo Park NICKNAME Wizard of the West Home-schooled and self-taught EDUCATION Studied math, physics, and mechanics at The Polytechnic Institute at Gratz FALLING OUT Edison promised Tesla a generous reward if he could smooth out his direct current system. The young engineer took on the assignment and ended up saving Edison more than $100,000 (millions of dollars by today's standards). When Tesla asked for his rightful compensation, Edison declined to pay him. Tesla resigned shortly after, and the elder inventor spent the rest of his life campaigning to discredit his counterpart. In 2007, Con Edison ended current electricity service that began when Thomas Edison opened his power station in 1882. It changed to only provide alternating current. years of direct "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration." Mass communication and business FORTE Electromagnetism and electromechanical engineering -Thomas Edison Trial and error METHOD Getting inspired and seeing the invention in his mind in detail before fully constructing it DC (Direct Current) WAR OF CURRENTS: ELECTRICAL TRANSMISSION IDEA AC (Alternating Current) - NOTABLE INVENTIONS Incandescent light bulb; phonograph; cement making technology; motion picture camera; DC motors and electric power Tesla coil - resonant transformer circuit; radio transmitter: fluorescent light; AC motors and electric power generation system 1,093 NUMBER OF US PATENTS 112 NOBEL NUMBER OF NOBEL PRIZES WON O PRIZE EDISON FRIES AN ELEPHANT CONTROVERSY In order to prove the dangers of Tesla's alternating current, Thomas Edison staged a highly publicized electrocution of the three-ton elephant known as "Topsy." She died instantly after being shocked with a 6,600-volt AC charge. 1 NUMBER OF ELEPHANTS ELECTROCUTED 1931-Passed away peacefully in his New DEATH Jersey home, surrounded by friends and family in 1915, both Edison and Tesla were to receive Nobel Prizes for their strides in physics, but ultimately, neither won. It is rumored to have been caused by their animosity towards each other and refusal to share the coveted award. 1943-Died lonely and in debt in Room 3327 at the New Yorker Hotel SOURCES: CHENEY, MARGARET. "TESLA: MAN OUT OF TIME" UTH, ROBERT. "TESLA: MASTER OF LIGHTNING." THOMASEDISON.COM PBS. ORG WEB.MIT. EDU WIRED.COM A COLLABORATION BETWEEN GOOD AND COLUMN FIVE

The Tale of Early Tech Rival

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Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla are two men who rocked the world at the turn of the 20th century. They were both considered geniuses who changed the world with their inventions and ideas. They were two...



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