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The Story of Super Glue

The Story of (Super Glue Super Glue or Cyanoacrylate is any class of esters of the cyano derivative of acrylic acid that are used as instant adhesives. They cure and bond through reaction with moisture held on the surfaces of non-porous H,C= н.со- Dr. Harry Coover was born in Newark, Delaware and received his Bachelor of Science from Hobart College before earning his Master of Science and Ph. D. from Cornell University. He worked as a chemist for Eastman materials. Kodak from 1944-1973 and as Vice President of the company from 1973-1984 and now resides in Kingsport, Tennessee. Rapid Curing High Adhesion Easy Dispensing High Tensile Strength grad|D Sparks & Connections - Katherine Bennett Siddharth Vanchinathan, Jasen Mehta, John Badalamenti High Shear Strength M1 2010 Water Resistant the story 1800 in the states. Secures virtual monopoly. $$$$$1 $$$$$1 Peter Cooper starts glue manufacturing company price vs. popularity adhesives. 1841 marks birth of synthetic plastics and synthetic production of Bakelite phenolic. While searching for materials to make clear plastic Eastman Kodak first worked with cyanoacrylates. Investigating heat-resistant polymers for jet $$sii $$$1 Researchers at Eastman Kodak rediscovered "Eastman 910". 1970 motor magnets reducing vibrations significantly. one drop between two steel cylinders. Eastman Kodak sold cyanoacrylate to Loctite, 1959 Eastman submitted an application to use siiit Нс States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). bone, hide, and tortoise shell. FDA market. 1971 in the North American industrial cyanoacrylate U.S. FDA approves "Dermabond" as a medical +. 1998 Hall of Fame. 9 10 10000 seconds taken for Super Glue to dry 23.5 industrial pounds that a single drop of Super Glue can lift. billion dollars is global market size FDA csi mussel SOURCES uses fumes to uncover fingerprints Uses Hand, A. J. "Secrets of the Superglues," Popular Science. February, 1989, pp. 82-84 a mussel foot has a natural epoxy stronger than Super Wikipedia Contributors, "Cyanoacrylate." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, Cyanoacrylate Glue acetone is the only chemical that can break down Super Glue medical Tracey Vasil Biscontini, "How is Super Glue made?" Answers Corp, Wikipedia Contributors, "Harry Coover." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, http// conSumer Discovery of rubber vulcanization by Goodyear Adhesives using phenolic resin launched following 1911 1942 gun sights, Henry Coover and his team at 1951 canopies, Coover re-tested cyanoacrylates and proved too sticky. factoids 1956 Henry Coover receives U.S. Patent for Cyanoacrylate. 1958 cyanoacrylates, and Kodak first marketed them as In a famous demonstration, Dr. Coover displayed the strength of Superglue on the TV show "I've Got a Secret" by lifting the host of the show with 1964 which in turn repackaged and distributed it under "Loctite Quick Set 404". $$$$$| 1964 cyanoacrylate glues to seal wounds to the United Cyanoacrylates replace mechanical fasteners in $$$1||| $$$! sil 1970 Loctite quickly overtakes Eastman Kodak's share adhesive in closing wounds and surgical incisions. Coover inducted into the National Inventor's 2004

The Story of Super Glue

shared by sidv on Aug 08
The story of the accidental invention of Super Glue - visualized! Credit: John Badalamenti, Jasen Mehta, Siddharth Vanchinathan


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