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Stem Cell banking Guide

Stem Cell Banking TYPES OF STEM CELLS IIII Explanation guide HSC MSC These can differentiate into connective tissue. What are stem cells ? Cells of the Red Blood Cells Immune System Stem Cells are basic cells Bone Cartilage Muscle that can differentiate into HSC's can help treat: • Leukaemia • Anaemia • Autoimmune diseases. any cell based on the Neuron requirement. PROS AND CONS OF STEM CELL BANKING Pros: Cons: 1. Stem Cells from umbilical 1. Cannot cure genetical cord are more robust when compared to the stem cell of diseases as the stem cells a aged adult. will have the same genetic flaws that caused the disease 2. They can be used instantly in case of an emergency, without any problem of matching. IIIII .IIII ..III What is Stem cell Banking? THE FUTURE Q Collecting Stemcells from Cord Blood which is found in your The current uses of cord blood are limited, but research hopes stem cells can cure : 1. Diabetes newborn's umbilical cord and saving it for future use. 2. Alzheimer's 3. Spinal cord injuries 4. Heart Failure, Stroke SUPER *BABY 5. Many more

Stem Cell banking Guide

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info-graph to get a clear picture of what stem cell banking is all about.Free to use on your site as long you give us credit by linking to




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