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Spatial Scales in the Brain

Spatial scales in the brain Imagine that the human brain was the size of earth... The weight of the brain (normally 1.3 kg) would be 2x X the mass of Mars, which is only a fifth of the mass of the actual Earth Centimeters (102 m) cerebral cortex The surface area of the would be (normally 2,500 cm?) 250% larger than the surface area of the earth, due to complex folds in its structure Millimeters (10³ m) The length of the dendritic arbor (normally 0.01–1 mm) would range From shortest To longest The height of the Burj Khalifa 13x The length of the Nile Including the axon, the longest full length neuron would reach across the entire earth Micrometers (10 m) the width of a neurite (normally 1um) would be the length of a Boeing 747 .... .... Nanometers (10° m) Vesicles (normally 50–100 nm) would be the size of 1-2 family-sized cars Neuro trans mitter A neurotransmitter (normally ~1 nm) would be the size of a can of cola Numbers in the human brain The brain contains 150 trillion synapses That's approximately 5x 11x the number of leaves on all the trees in the Cumbria County, home of Lake District, UK The brain contains 80 billion neurons The human population of That's equal to X the world Which is enough to go around end-to-end, they would the earth... If you laid all the neurons in the brain stretch for at least 162,000 km 4x Eyewire FEI Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services A GAME TO MAP THE BRAIN This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Spatial Scales in the Brain

shared by Anonymous (not verified) on May 19
Imagine that the human brain was the size of earth, how big would all of the parts of it be?


brain scale


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