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Space Missions: Popular Orbiters, Rovers, Robots and Fictional Space Vehicles

CURRENT SPACE MISSIONS (POPULAR ORBITERS & ROVERS!) THE SUN VENUS EXPRESS, 2005 MERCURY MESSENGER, 2004 VENUS OPPORTUNITY, ARTEMIS,P1/P2, 2007 EARTH 2003/2004 LUNAR RECONNAISSANCE CURIOUSITY, 2012 ORBITER, 2009 MARS JUPITER JUNO, 2011 SATURN ON THE WAY! MARS ODYSSEY, 2001 MARS RECONNAISSANCE ORBITER, 2005 ARRIVAL: 2016 URANUS MARS EXPRESS, 2003 NEPTUNE CASSINI-HUYGENS, 2004-2017 PLUTO VOYAGER 1, 1977 IN LOVING TRIBUTE TO PLUTO, FORMER PLANET, FARTHEST! NOW DWARF PLANET Voyager 1 is leaving our solar system and MAN MADE OBJECT FROM EARTH! entering the interstellar medium. It's not heading towards any star, but in 40,000 years it will pass within 1.6 light years of the star Gliese 445 FICTIONAL SPACESHIPS &ROBOTS HALL OF FAME THE BATTLESTAR GALACTICA FROM THE GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY... THE NEXT GENERATION MILLENNIUM FALCON C-3PO originally from Affa, but rebuilt in Tatooine USS ENTERPRISE (NCC-1701-D), 2363-2371 R2-D2 FROM STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION originally from Naboo FROM A DIFFERENT DIMENSION... EVE FROM WALL-E 3D ANIMATION (EXTRATERRESTRIAL VEGETATION EVALUATOR) Eve lives in a spaceship. BROUGHT TO YOU BY PTICS CENTRAL Australia's Optics Superstore www.OPTICSCENTRAL.COM.AU Disclaimer: These Images belong to their respective companies. Spacecrafts images © NASA, Star Wars images © Lucasfilm. Eve © Pixar, Star Trek USS Enterprise © CBS, The Battlestar Galactica © Glen A. Larson

Space Missions: Popular Orbiters, Rovers, Robots and Fictional Space Vehicles

shared by opticscentral on Jan 22
A fun graphic documenting popular space orbiters, rovers and robots in current space missions. We also take a look at some fictional space vehicles from some of your favourite movies. Brought to you b...


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