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Solar System Facts

-SOLAR SYSTEM FACTS- THE SUN Class: Star Diameter: 1,392,684 km Planets & Dwarf Planets: 13 Age: 4.6 Billion Years Surface Temperature: 5500°C Core Temperature: 15 million°C MERCURY Class: Planet Diameter: 4,879 km Known Moons: 0 Orbit Distance: 57.9 million km Orbit Period: 88.0 days Surface Temperature: -173 - 427°C VENUS Class: Planet Diameter: 12,104 km Known Moons: 0 Orbit Distance: 108.2 million km Orbit Period: 224.7 days Surface Temperature: 462 °C EARTH Class: Planet Diameter: 12,742 km Known Moons: 1 Orbit Distance: 149.6 million km Orbit Period: 365.2 days Surface Temperature: -88 to 58°C MARS Class: Planet Diameter: 6,792 km Known Moons: 2 Orbit Distance: 227.9 million km Orbit Period: 1.9 years Surface Temperature: -63°C CERES Class: Dwarf Planet Diameter: 950 km Known Moons: 0 Orbit Distance: 413.7 million km Orbit Period: 4.6 years Surface Temperature: -105°C JUPITER Class: Planet Diameter: 139,822 km Known Moons: 67 Orbit Distance: 778.3 million km Orbit Period: 11.9 years Surface Temperature: -108°C SATURN Class: Planet Diameter: 116,464 km Known Moons: 62 Orbit Distance: 1.4 billion km Orbit Period: 29.5 years Surface Temperature: -139°C URANUS Class: Planet Diameter: 51,118 km Known Moons: 27 Orbit Distance: 2.9 billion km Orbit Period: 84.0 years Surface Temperature: -197°C NEPTUNE Class: Planet Diameter: 49,493 km Known Moons: 13 Orbit Distance: 4.5 billion km Orbit Period: 164.8 years Surface Temperature: -201°C PLUTO Class: Dwarf Planet Diameter: 2,322 km Known Moons: 5 Orbit Distance: 5.9 billion km Orbit Period: 246.0 years Surface Temperature: -229°C MAKEMAKE Class: Dwarf Planet Diameter: 1,420 km Known Moons: 0 Orbit Distance: 6.9 billion km Orbit Period: 309.9 years Surface Temperature: -239°C HAUMEA Class: Dwarf Planet Diameter: 1,450 km Known Moons: 2 Orbit Distance: 7.7 billion km Orbit Period: 283.3 years Surface Temperature: -241°C ERIS Class: Dwarf Planet Diameter: 2,326 km Known Moons: 1 Orbit Distance: 10.1 billion km Orbit Period: 560.9 years Surface Temperature: -231°C SPACE-FACTS.COM

Solar System Facts

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The Solar System consists of the Sun and the astronomical objects gravitationally bound in orbit around it, all of which formed from the collapse of a giant molecular cloud approximately 4.6 billion y...


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