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Sizing Up Space: A Visual History (Shuttle)

Shuttle Ascent (in minutes) 30 Years Of Space Exploration Comparing Temperatures (Fahrenheit) Shuttle attains orbit; The space shuttie was the world's first reusable spacecraft. Its primary mission was to ferry large satellites and space station parts speed: 17,500 mph 6,000 Shuttle engine and External tank separation DISCOVERY rocket combustion The external tank • 39 flights 1984 - 2011 to and from orbit. feeds more than 500.000 gallons of fuel to the shuttile's main engines at a rate of 1,000 gallons per second 222 passengers 365d 12h 53m 34s in space 5.000 4,000 ATLANTIS • 33 flights Speed: 9,000 mph CHALLENGER 6 •10 flights 1983 – 1986 60 passengers 62d 07h 56m 15s in space "Destroyed during launch on Jan. 28, 1986 1985 - 2011 Speed: 7,500 mph 191 passengers 306d 12h 57m 33s in space 5 Speed: 6,000 mph Shuttle (re-entrv 3,000 Melting steel The SRBS provide more than 83 percent of the 4- COLUMBIA • 28 flights 1981 - 2003 159 passengers 300d 17h 46m 42s in space 2,000 shuttle's thrust, pumping 10 tons of fuel per second and generating 44 million horsepower 3 "Destroyed during re-entry on Feb. 1, 2003 1,000 Solid rocket booster (SRB) separation; speed: 3,000 mph 2 ENDEAVOUR Boiling water 1. Shuttle breaks sound 25 flights 1992 - 2011 Arctic water barrier at 52 seconds Shuttle (in space) Deep space Fuel pumped at a rate fast enough to drain an average pool in 25 145 passengers 296d 02h 18m 35s in space -460 Esch space shuttle orbiter was designed to fly 100 misions. Liftoff seconds Comparing Sizes Shuttle Parts 2,500,000 PARTS TOTAL The tiles are made primarily of pure sand silicate fibers, mixed with a ceramic binder. Incredibly lightweight and about the same density as balsa wood, they dissipate the heat so quickly that a white-hot tile with a The orbiter is about the same size as a Boeing 737 aircraft. The cargo bay measures 60 feet by 15 feet in diameter and can carry cargo up to 65,000 pounds. 1.060 PLUMBING 170 MILES OF WIRE 24,000 NSULATING 1,440 IRCUIT 1.060 VALVES PER SHUTTLE TILES temperature of 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit can be taken from an The two solid rocket boosters BREAKERS oven and held in bare hands are 149 feet tall, 2 feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty. The external fuel tank measures 15 without injury. Shuttle Weight (pounds) stories tall – 184 feet - though its aluminum skin is only 0.125 With external rockets and a full inches thick in most areas. fuel tank, a shuttle weighs 4.5 million pounds at liftoff. Alone, the shuttle weighs 250,000 pounds - equal to the weight of 18.8 African elephants. Comparing Speeds (mph) SPACE SHUTTLE LIFTOFF RIFLE BULLET SOUND JET AIRLINER END OF MISSION HIGH-SPEED TRAIN 4,500 9,000 13,500 18,000 1,000,000 2,000,000 3,000,000 4.000,000 5,000,000 Missions Columbia Challenger Discovery Atlantis Endeavour Over the course of 30 years, the space shuttles have deployed 66 satellites and docked at the International Space Station 37 times. ISS dockings 12 13 12 Discovery brought the Hubble Space Telescope Satellites 14 10 8. 31 3 into orbit in 1990. Distance Traveled (millions of miles) Discovery: 136.7 Columbia: 122.7 Endeavour: 115.5 Atlantis: 111.3 Challenger: 27.5 Sun Mercury Venus Earth

Sizing Up Space: A Visual History (Shuttle)

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In the three decades of NASA's space shuttle program, hundreds of astronauts flew aboard the five spaceships. Find out about the missions, astronauts and vehicles and life in space. (See also: Astronauts)



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