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The Science Of Love

The Science STAGES OF LOVE 1 LUST OESTROGEN TESTOSTERONE DESCRIPTION These sex hormones, present in both males and females, motivate individuals to find a mate - being the main hormones responsible for "sex drive". Indeed, experiments have shown that altering levels of these hormones has implications upon sexual desire. ATTRACTION NOREPINEPHRINE SEROTONIN DOPAMINE DESCRIPTION This "infatuation" stage is driven mainly by dopamine and norepinephrine (noradrenaline), coupled with a decrease in serotonin levels. This cocktail of chemicals causes increased alertness and arousal of the body when somebody is attracted to another, inducing a feel-good reward pathway associated with the person - increasing the desire to spend more time with them. 31 ATTACHMENT OXYTOCIN VASOPRESSIN DESCRIPTION Long term attachment between two people involves the hormones oxytocin (known as the "love hormone" or "cuddle chemical") and vasopressin. Concentrations of these in the body increase following orgasm in both men and women - the release of these hormones is believed to be important factor in long term attraction and love. PHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSES TO ATTRACTION Dilated Pupils Sweating Increased Heart Rate Increased Breathing Rate DESCRIPTION The "fight or flight" response due to noradrenaline release that occurs when you are attracted to somebody causes changes to the body that can be measured and observed. Ever felt nervous when you're around somebody you find attractive? Now you know why! POSSIBLE SIDE-EFFECTS OF ATTRACTION WO Loss of Inability to sleep Increased appetite anxiety DESCRIPTION The increased arousal and focus can also contribute to seemingly random side effects such as loss of appetite, an inability to sleep, or elevated levels of stress and anxiety. PSYCHOLOGY OF LOVE Love On A Bridge Psychologists found that walking on a shaky bridge increased the sexual attraction reported by men towards a female interviewer, believed to be due to a mis-attribution of fear arousal as sexual arousal. Mere Exposure Phenomenon Another experiment found that people were more likely to develop attachment towards people if they were in close proximity to for periods of time, regardless of perceived attraction. The Gain-Loss Theory Participants feelings were warmest towards people who had first spoken about them unfavourably but became increasingly nicer about them. This suggests that "winning somebody over" can be an important part of attraction. The Attraction of Beauty Students were shown photographs of people and asked to rate their beauty and give their impression of the individual's personality. Those considered attractive were deemed to have more favourable personality traits! Similarity People tend to like others that they are similar to. Experiments have shown that those with similar attitudes, personality and outlooks were more likely to have a relationship. Opposites don't always attract it seems! BODY LANGUAGE Mirroring Mirroring involves the subconscious copying of an individual's body movements and gestures. It is believed to be due to the activation of mirror neurons and can increase rapport between people and in some case, can also suggest attraction. Feet Position It has been suggested that the positioning of feet may give clues about attraction. An open position with feet pointed towards the partner suggests attraction whilst crossed legs and feet pointed away suggests a desire to escape or a lack of attraction. Head Tilting A tilted head whilst in conversation suggests interest and can also be an indication of attraction towards somebody. Eye Contact Eye contact provides important information about social and emotional cues. It plays an important element in flirtation and prolonged eye contact can suggest interest and attraction. Sources ♡ MyBreast రోర

The Science Of Love

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Discover the molecules responsible for the stages of attraction and the physiology associated with love! Ever wondered why you lose your appetite around the person you like? Find out why this is the c...


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