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The Scene of the Crime

THE SCENE OF THE CRIME:: The Process After the Police Procedural After the police investigators have documented the evidence, after the coroner has removed the body, someone has to clean up the crime scene and restore it to its condition before the incident. The process of clean up is fascinating, and the stakes are tremendous – this isn't an ordinary cleaning service. RESTORATION AND REMEDIATION For any crime scene, the goal is to make it seem as if the crime never occurred. CRIME SCENE IN MEMORY OF DO NOT CROSS Biohazard Waste Homicide Suicide Tear Gas THE NECESSARY GEAR A variety of specialized gear is required to keep those immersed in a crime scene cleanup safe. Personal Protective Gear NIOSH Approved Particulate Mask Full Face Respirator and Replacement Cartridges Leather Gloves Heavy Exposure Latex Gloves 15 Mil High Risk Medical Latex Gloves Biohazard BBP Rated Coverall Chemical Resistant Boot Covers Chemical Solutions, Supplies, and Heavy-Duty Supplies Chemical Solutions Heavy-Duty Supplies Supplies May require among other items: May require among other items: May require among other items: • Scrub Brush and • Air Filtration Units Cleaning Agents • Deodorizing Agents • Disinfectant • Hand Sanitizer • Absorbing Agent • Glass Cleaner Regulated Medical Waste Containers Scrub Pads and Vacuums • Broom and Dust Pan • Paint Kit (Brush, Roller, Tray, Liners) • HEPA Vent Tubing • Misc. Hand Tools • Towels • Biohazard/Caution • Air Mover • Power Tools Tape • Clear Sealing Tape • Carpet Runner • Plastic Sheeting THE CLEAN UP PROCESS Aftermath will perform a multi-phase wash process to ensure all hazardous materials are removed, and the property is properly disinfected. 1. Surveying the Situation 2. Controlling the Contamination Technicians establish 3 zones to prevent cross-contamination from occurring. Clean Zone Buffer Zone Control Zone Clean Zone Buffer Zone Control Zone The supervisor will assess the situation to determine The area used to The area where tech- The contaminated the scope of work. This will help them to provide an initial estimate and organize store equipment nicians change into personal protective area where the clean up takes place. Plastic sheeting and bio-tape prior to exposure equipment and dispose of hazardous materials / used cleaning supplies. to contaminants. the clean up process to be section off this area. as efficient as possible. 3. Three Step Cleaning Process • All visible dirt, filth and bio material from the surfaces and structures are removed in the control zone. • The wash process contains specific wiping techniques to eliminate potential cross contamination. • Furniture and personal items that cannot be remediated are disposed of as approved by the property owner. • Air filtration units are set up to remove possible biohazard particles and filter disease from the area as potentially required. Cleaning • After cleaning, the control zone is treated with disinfectants to ensure the affected area is free from possibly harmful micro- organisms. • Proper disinfection requires a minimum of 10 minutes wet contact time, meaning that the surface must be sprayed at precise intervals in accordance with manufacturer instructions. • Following treatment, the crew wipes all surfaces manually a second Disinfection time. • The final step employs a deodorizer to eliminate the possibility of odors that may linger from the cleaning solutions Deodorization 4. Testing for ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate) Energy Released by Micro-Organisms • After the 3-step cleaning process is complete, the area is tested to ensure all micro-organisms are effectively neutralized. • The testing protocols for ATP used are the same as those used in hospitals and food processing, measuring the amount of ATP to meet certain standards. • If the testing results do not read "zero," which exceeds local, state and federal guidelines, then the area will be re-cleaned. Crime scene and trauma clean up is a tough environment that few people are capable of handling. But these brave men and women face tragedy on a daily basis in hopes of bringing back some sense of order, and familiarity, to a tarnished site. Aftermath Specialists in Crime Scene & Trauma Clean Up Sources

The Scene of the Crime

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The process of cleaning a crime scene after the police have done their investigating.


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