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The Scale of the Brain

The Scale of the Brain Human Brain / 10-2 (cm) It is the center of the nervous system, being a very complex organ. Ranked 2% of human body weight and weighs 1.4 gr. Cerebral Cortex / 10-3 (mm) Is the mantle of neural tissue that covers the surface of the cerebral hemispheres, reaching its maximum development in primates. This is where perception, imagination, thought, judgment and decision occurs. Parietal Lobe Frontal Lobe Temporal Lobe Occipital Lobe Cerebellum Neuron / 10(micron) It is a type of nerve cell whose main function is the electrical excitability of the plasma membrane; are specialized in the recep- tion of stimuli and conduction nerve impulse between them or with other cell types, for example, the muscle fibers endplate. Synapses / 10 9(nm) It is a specialized intercellular junction where neurons and conducts nerve impulse transmission. This starts with a chemical that causes a discharge electric current into the presynaptic cell membrane; once this nerve impulse reaches the end of the axon, the neuron itself secretes a type of chemical compound that is deposited in the synaptic space. Did you know? . If every person were a neuron, we would have 11 planets earth so that the number of people in the world is equal to the number of neurons in the brain.

The Scale of the Brain

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My project represent the scale of the brain and comparation with the world.


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