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The Reality About Morality

THE REALITY ABOUT MORALITY Middle frontal gyrus Inferior parietal lobule Statement 1 Dorso lateral prefrontal cortex Angular gyrus Morality is a product of evolution and human TPJ experience. OFC Superior temporal Sulcus Middle temporal gyrus Morality is derived from both the evolved biochemistry of the brain and sociocultural influences. Displayed above are some of the neuroanatomical structures associated with morality. (Pascual et al, 2013) Statement 2 Morality is not exclusive to human beings; elements of it can be found in other animal relationships. Empathy, fairness, reciprocity and other moral behaviors preceded the emergence of human religions by thousands of years. (de Waal, 2013) Statement 3 Reciprocity Concept of fairness Redress of wrongs Means of deaļing Sanctions Distinguishing With conflict Because morality is acquired through evolution, it exists in all right and wrong Cooperation Murder and rape proscribed societies and cultures. Because they occur universally in all human cultures with no known exceptions, moral universals like the ones displayed here are most likely evolved psychological phenomena. (Brown, 1991) Statement 4 Infants exhibit signs of morality even before they have experienced much of the world. Recent infant morality research shows that, starting at 14 months of age, infants help others spontaneously without the expectation of any reward. (Warneken & Tomasello, 2007) Brought to you by K the brights illuminating and elevating the naturalistic worldview More formal expressions of the above four statements were reviewed and validated by the following scientists: Donald Brown, Ph.D. The University of California, Santa Barbara Herbert Gintis, Ph.D. The University of Massachusetts, Amherst Jessica Pierce, Ph.D. Independent Scholar Peter Singer Princeton University Oliver Curry, Ph.D. The University of Oxford Joshua D. Greene, Ph.D. Harvard University Frans de Waal, Ph.D. Emory University Peter DeScioli, Ph.D. Stony Brook University Debra Lieberman, Ph.D. The University of Miami For more information, visit our website: admired

The Reality About Morality

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Persons who have a naturalistic worldview are continuously “up against” the concept that they are somehow lacking in morality. The Brights’ Net is acting to undermine unfounded disparagement. ...


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