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Power from Tides

Designed to operate in shallow water near hu- Cl man habitation, the PULSE STREAM 100 flaps in the current like two whale tails positioned back- Generator to-back. A working model now pulsates away in England's Humber Estuary, and another will be installed in Scotland's Isle of Skye. Magnet Duct Cylinder Rotor Generator Electromagnet Subsea base Piston The genius of OPENHYDRO'S OPEN-CENTRE TURBINE is its simplicity: no lubricants and exactly one moving part. Its rotor wheel spins slowly while sea life slips through its eye. In 2010, OpenHydro was selected to construct a Cylinders move up and down with the flow of tidal installation in Scotland's Pentland Firth that water will supply power to 130,000 homes. Three test turbines will also be installed in Puget Sound. A vortex in flowing water can create vibrations powerful enough to rip an oil rig from the ocean floor. Those same vibrations can also cause un- derwater cylinders to churn like the pistons on Blade a well-tuned Mustang, even in slow-moving water. That's the exciting discovery of Michael Bernitsas, director of the University of Michigan's Marine Renewable Energy Lab, who turned the concept into the VIVACE CONVERTER, now un- dergoing testing in the St. Clair River. I 16 feet - Flow speed: 2-4 knots → 33 feet 131 feet 5-10 kilowatts 100 kilowatts - Flow speed: 1-8 knots Electric power to onshore utility grid 1 megawatt

Power from Tides

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The swift, powerful tides that can make oodles of electricity are surprisingly rare. In the United States, only a few places—including the Gulf of Maine, Washington's Puget Sound, Manhattan's East R...




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