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Plumbing in Space

SPACE PLUMBING IN *International the importance of water conservation in space pre Stanoer (19) is in LEO tap water in the U.S. costs to get 1 gallon of water into space : 1/5 per gallon i 8.3 LBS X $6,000 per lb payload to enter low earth orbit (LEO)" of a penny 1 gallon -$49,808 approx = space plumb per gallon roughly Water Conservation System (WCS) collects and recycles: 10,000 LBS of water needed per crew member х7 crew members = Water exhaust from Rocket fuel cells Wastewater Breath vapor Sweat from Urine space suits $420 MILLION SPENT ON WATER per year Filtering the mix through a seven-step purifying process Turning sweat, breath, and urine into water that's cleaner than from the tap NOT 100% EFFICIENT: Recycling produces unusable brine Oxygen-generating system uses water sacrifices for frugal water usage Air locks release humidity when opened CO2 removal leeches water from air Space water pressure is half that of a typical houschold “The no-gravity space potty" official name: Waste Collection System (WCS) 2 bathrooms for 7 ISS crew members don't forget to turn suction hose on (zero gravity duh) FOR #1: Tip: don't float off Amount of water used in a typical shower on Earth: Tip: moderate speed if suction funnel overflows, splash-backs ricochet around the room foot straps thigh clamps body restraints 50 LITERS Amount of water used FOR #2: suction on again! (still zero gravity) in a space shower: hole is 4 inches wide (earth toilet: 8-9 in.) 4 LITERS Tip: alignment is important astronauts Train on Earth: training commode has a camera inside the toilet to help check alignment DON'T TAKE WATER FOR GRANTED, SPACEMEN DRINK THEIR PEE. Sources: Prsented by: http://gizmodo.-com/5540645/darkest-naga-secret-revealed-how-to-poop-in-spacc-tutorial PEVELOPED NOWSOURCING -------

Plumbing in Space

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Just exactly how much does it cost to get one gallon of water to space? And how do astronauts go to the bathroom?


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