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Parts of a Flower

Parts of a Flower Many flowers have male parts and female parts. Female part- Pistil The pistil has three parts: Stigma- Sticky surface at the pistil's top, where the pollen germinates Style- Holds up the stigma Ovary- Contains the ovules Ovules- Become the seed after Male part- Stamen The stamen has two parts: Anthers- Pollen producing part Filaments- They up the anthers fertilization by pollen Stigma Anthers Style Pistil Stamen Filaments- Ovary Ovules Petals Sepals Peduncle Receptacle Other parts of the flower Petals- Usually bright, to attract pollinators Sepals- Protect the flower bud when it is developing Receptacle- Portion of the stalk with the flower structure Peduncle- Flower stalk Copyright ©2015 Mocomi & Anibrain Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. OCQI .com

Parts of a Flower

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What are the different parts of a flower and their functions?!


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