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Outwitting the Ghosts of Fear

Outwitting the Ghosts of Fear FEAR OF CRITICISM Don't focus on the negative SUSCEPTIBILITY INFERIORITY COMPLEX Boasting of imaginary achievements. Surface appearance of feeling superior. Using big words. Conquer AUTO-SUGGESTION nervousness Boost your immune system: healthy diet, fitness regime "Enjoying" imaginary illnesses. Believing in health fads and quack remedies. STRENGTH OF PERSONALITY SELF-CODDLING Unqualified agreement with others. Lack of ability to express opinions definitely. Lack of firmness of decision. Lack of voice control. Fight your Using imaginary illnesses as a lure. Making bids for sympathy. Intemperance with alcohol. corner – don't accept without protest SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS "See the doughnut, not the hole" HYPOCHONDRIA LACK OF AMBITION FEAR OF Unwillingness to accept blame. Quitting an undertaking when opposed by others. Slowness in reaching decisions. Overcome ILL HEALTH mental and physical laziness "In the time you take making excuses you could have done the job" EXTRAVAGANCE "Keeping up with the Joneses". LACK OF INITIATIVE FEAR OF Be ambitious Lack of confidence in one's own ideas. Giving evasive answers. Fear to express opinions. POVERTY "Don't bargain with life for a penny' INDECISION FEAR OF "Money can't buy you love" LOSS OF OVER-CAUTION Knowing all the roads to disaster. Remembering those who have failed, forgetting those who have succeeded. LOVE Do things you are enthusiastic about PROCRASTINATION Lack of definiteness of purpose. EXCESSIVE RISK-TAKING Don't spend beyond your INDIFFERENCE FAULT FINDING means Exercise self-control DOUBT Alibis and excuses to cover up, explain away failures JEALOUSY MWW Faith in no one. Unjustified suspicion of friends and loved ones. Take the A AWP WINNING initiative PERSONALITY

Outwitting the Ghosts of Fear

shared by awinningperson on Mar 23
One of the most influential and widely read books of all time on wealth accumulation and success is Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Hill’s overarching conclusion is that fear is the biggest ...


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