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Mother Nature's Pop Science Guide to the Moon

Mother Nature's Pop Science Guide to THE MOON NEAR SIDE OF THE MOON SIZE Only one side of the moon is visible from Earth because the moon rotates around its axis at the same rate that . Earth orbits the sun. The moon's diameter is equal to the distance from San Francisco, Calif., to Cleveland, Ohio. San Francisco Cleveland I... ..... Orbit speed About 2,200 miles (3,600 km) per hour Surface temperatures 200° F (100° C) to -350° F (-160° C) 2,150 MILES (3,460 KM) WIDE To put it into perspective, if the moon was the size of a tennis ball and Earth was the size of a basketball, they would be orbiting 24 feet away from each other. DISTANCE FROM EARTH ON AVERAGE, 235,000 MILES (380,000 KM) APART MOON EARTH PHASES OF THE MOON THE SUN NEW MOON CRESCENT CRESCENT CRESCENT NEW MOON CRESCENT LAST QUARTER FIRST LAST QUARTER QUARTER FIRST QUARTER GIBBOUS FULL MOON GIBBOUS GIBBOUS SUNLIT PART OF THE MOON VISIBLE FROM EARTH NO SUNLIGHT SUNLIT PART OF THE MOON NOT VISIBLE FROM EARTH GIBBOUS FULL MOON GRAVITY That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. On the moon's surface, gravity is about 1/6th of Earth's gravity. If you can leap 5 feet on Earth, you could leap 30 feet if you were on the moon. A 200-lb. person would be the equivalent of 33 lbs. on the moon due to its weaker gravitational pul. -NEIL ARMSTRONG, THE FIRST PERSON TO WALK ON THE MOON, JULY 21, 1969 EARTH MOON IN POP CULTURE Throughout history, people have tried to understand the moon through myths and legends and scientific observation. MONTH (n.) a unit of time used in calendars as a natural period related to the motion of the moon LUNAR (adj.) of, determined by, relating to, or resembling the moon Some legends suggest the full moon can The nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle" has the famous line, “the cow jumped over the moon." change people into werewolves. MOONING (v.) the act of displaying one's bare buttocks to express protest, fun or shock value LUNATIC (n.) old term regarding a person considered mentally ill, foolish, dangerous, or unpredictable under the infAluence of the moon Numerous music references have been Moonwalking, a dance move popularized by Michael Jackson, gives the illusion of gliding backward. made, including Pink Floyd's album "Dark Side of The Moon." MOONLIGHTING (v.) having a second job in addition to one's regular employment HONEYMOON (n.) a short holiday taken by a couple immediately after their marriage A once-common misconception was that the moon was made of cheese because of the shapes and shadows on the lunar surface. The classic children's book "Goodnight Moon" is about a rabbit saying goodnight to everything around it during bedtime. MOONSHINE (n.) illicitly distilled or smuggled liquor often made under the cover of night Sources: Gail Gibbons' "The Moon Book" / Merriam-Webster Dictionary / / World Book / Allan Fowler's "So That's How The Moon Changes Shape!" Infographic & Design: Chris Rooney (@looneyrooneycom)/MNN mnn

Mother Nature's Pop Science Guide to the Moon

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As Earth’s only natural satellite, the moon has always bewitched and bewildered us. Here’s a graphical look at its luminous allure.


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