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Mission(s) to Mars

IREADY, SET, GO I MISSION(S) TO MARS Though most missions TO THE RED PLANET HAVE FAILED, THE SUCCESss RATE IS DEFINITELY IMPROVING ++ SOURCES! CORNELL UNIVERSITY, EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY, NASA, RUSSIANSPACEWEB.COM MARSNIK MARSNIK2 SPUTNIK 22 MARST SPUTNIK 24 KOSMOS 21 MARINER3 MARINER A ZOND2 OND 3 (PRMARY MISSION NOT MARS) MARINER 6 MARINER 7 00 MARS 1969A MARS 19698 MARINER B KOSMOS A19 MARS 2 MARS3 MARINER 4 MARINER 9 MARSS MARS 6 Success. Returned MARS 4 21 images. First successful flyby. MARS7 MARS 3 VIKING Partial success. Orbiter VIKING 2 obtained eight months of data. Lander landed but gathered only 20 seconds of data. First successful 1988 landing on Mars. 1992 MARS 5- MARS 6 PHOBOS 2 Partial success. 1996 Partial success. Lander produced data during descent but failed before landing. Returned 60 images Partial success. but failed after only nine days. Returned some data 1998 but lost contact before N999 2001 deploying lander. 2003 SOVIET UNION 20042005 MARS EXPRESS/ BEAGLE 2 UNITED STATES 2007 MISSION FAILURE FUTURE RUSSIA FUTURE JAPAN FLYBY Partial success. Orbiter DAWN completed primary mission in November 2005 and is still in orbit on extended mission. Beagle 2 lander lost on arrival. ORBITER EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY On its way to proto- planets Vesta and Ceres. Completed Mars flyby in February 2009. Phobos-Grunt/Yinghuo-l will be a sample-return lander/orbiter, Mars Science Laboratory will bea rover, LANDER RUSSIA/CHINA ROVER MAVEN will be an orbiter, and ExoMars will be an orbiter/lander/rover. ON FAILURE FLYBY ORBITER BRYAN CHRS TIE DESIGN LANDER ROVER PHOBOS PHOBOS 2 MARS OBSERVER MARS OLOBAL SURVEYOR ARS 96 MARS PATHFINDER NOZOMI MARSCLIMATE ORBITER RS POLAR LANDER / DEEP SPACE2 PROBES MARS ODYSSEY S5/BEAGLE 2 MARS EXPRESS TION ROVER: SPIRIT ION ROVER: OPPORTUNITY MESSION NOT MARS) SANCE ORBITER DER NOT MARS ABORATORY (2011) EXOMARS (2016)

Mission(s) to Mars

shared by maggie on Apr 01
There have been many attempts to explore Mars, also known as the red planet. Although most of the missions have failed, the success rate is improving. This infographic shows the different attempts to ...


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