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Melting and Boiling Points of the Elements

MELTING AND BOILING POINTS OF THE ELEMENTS 101.325 kPa (1 Atmosphere) 6000 K 5727°C · 10340°F Re 5869 Rf 5800 (estimated) Th 5061 O Os Nb 5017 (estimated) 5000 K 4727°C · 8540°F Mo Hf Zr Tc Ir C 4300 Ru Np Pa Pt 4000 K 3727°C · 6740°F RIT V 3680 Ce La Si 3538 Gd Tb Lu Pu Ac Nd Cm Co Fe Pd Ge Er Au 3000 K 2727°C · 4940°F Cr Cu Al Be Dy Am Ag Mn Ba Tm Pb Sm 2000 K 1727°C · 3140°F Bi• Ra Cf Fm Eu Li Uut Uup Mg Po Te Na As 1000 K 727°C · 1340°F Zn Se Cd *Pr Es Md No Uus Yb At Room temperature NOF FI Db Sg Bh Hs Mt Ds Rg Cn Hg OK -273.1°C. -459.7°F He Ne Ar Kr Xe Rn Uuo 1s jONATHAN 2s 2p 3s 3p 3d 4s 4p 4d 4f 5p 5d 5f 6s бр 6d 7s 7p ATHANORIAS © 2013 HULL

Melting and Boiling Points of the Elements

shared by jonathanorjack on Aug 06
This chart is simply showing the melting and boiling points of the chemical elements at one standard atmosphere, plotted against the valence electron blocks. There are a few elements that have more th...


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