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Light Pollution

O: LIGHT POLLUTION Four Components of Light Pollution: Urban Sky Glow Light Trespass The brightening of the night sky over inhabited areas Light falling where it is not intended, wanted or needed Glare Clutter Excessive brightness that causes visual discomfort Bright, confusing and excessive groupings of light sources United States Light Use: EIA estimates that in 2011, 461 BILLION kilowatt-hours about 461 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity were used for lighting by the residential and commercial sectors. Equal to about 17% 12% total electricity consumed by both of these sectors of total U.S. electricity consumption. HEALTHY Breast Cancer Circadian Rhythms Night-shift workers are almost twice as likely to develop breast cancer as day-shift workers due to exposure to light at night. Exposure to light during sleep can negatively impact circadian rhythms, which can impair sleep and contribute to insomnia, depression and cardiovascular disease. ECOLOGY Sockeye Salmon Bats Baby Sea Turtles Sockeye salmon stop swimming downstream when exposed to any light less time to hunt at night above 0.1 lux and often Bats are predisposed to avoid light, and so have Baby sea turtles often get lost after hatching due to artificial light. due to artificial light end up in low-velocity waters near shore, which brings them into close contact with predators. Fluorescent Daylight VS. Negative health effects from flourescent lights include: Enhances tumor formation Contributes to agoraphobia Breast cancer rates Increased stress in humans among night workers In the Office LED TROFFER IBOLLights FLUORESCENT ETnOBEUght Panels LED troffer lights often can replace fluorescent panel lights. Because you only need one bulb per light panel versus the typical 3 fluorescent light panel bulbs, you can cut bulb usage by 1/3. THE FUTURE HE E WIFHE WITH LEDS The use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology in the lighting industry is a relatively new phenomenon. However, bans on older lighting methods are a global phenomenon. Sources: INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNED BY #NationalPositions LEDlightPANEL SIMPLYTHIN

Light Pollution

shared by bhonma on Mar 10
Light pollution consists of obstructive, artificial light penetrating into our daily lives. Most of us have gotten use to its presence but very few know its consequences on not only our health but the ecology.


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