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The Koyal Group Info Mag Review: Theory about the life of Professor Stephen Hawking

ΚΟΥAL INFOMAG The Koyal Group Info Mag Review: Theory about the life of Professor Stephen Hawking The theory abouteverything review: Film depicting the life of Professor Stephen Нawking PH The burgeoning romance between Hawking and Jane (Redmayne, and Jones) avoids becoming too Hollywood IT is going to be a battle of the boffins at the Oscars next year. Benedict Qumberbatch is a frontrunner for playing Alan Turing in The Imitation Game and Eddie Redmayne will be a powerful contender for his remarkable performance as Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything. Playing Hawking from PhD student through to global superstardom as the author of A Brief History Of Time Redmayne is outstanding, inhabiting Hawking's stricken body and brilliant mind with comnplete conviction. ΚΟΥΑL INFOMAG In the sme way that The Imitation Came hmaised an intirnidatingly dever and renote figure mischievous, fimny but also iffinut and selish. Theore of Ezerything reveals the man behind the icon: courapron, It may not bea wartsand-all portrait (the pictureistoo pent cel for that) but it'sa touching, hnorous and ingirational insipht into a man who rehsed to accept convmtional boundaries, bothof themind and body. We'e reminded qite how cxtraorinary itis that he's still alive (row 72) when a ortor informs him, while at Cambridge lniversity, that hehas only two yrars to live. Told that his body wil sht down as Motor Narone Disease destroys hismacle function, Stephenasks about his brain. The dbrtor (Adam Cody) cxplains that it wil contimue to finction normally but ads No one wil know what your thoghtsare." The preat mind wil hare no way to comnicate. Mort people wouldhavethrown in the towel and pahaps Stephm wouldheve done wercit not for Jane Wilde (awonderful Fdicity Jones), the pirliriend who rchused to piveuponhin or let him giveup. Petite and seemingly derme he's determined and quietly tenacious and the So is as much about her as it is Hawking. The screenpay by Anthong McCarten is based on her Denoir, Traveling To Infinity: My Life With Stephen, and it's their reationship which realtedinthree chldren but ended in divorce that forms the heart of the story along with the role payed by Enily friendand Jane's evntual second husand, tachfl choirmaster Jonathan Hellyer Jones (Charlie Cox). This potentially mcsy tate of affairsishandledwith prrat delirary andis the souteof the picture's fasciation, heart and charm. It's some achievement: what mipht have seemed ncomfortableandintrusive is actally moving, tendtr and sweet. The realt is a very British love story between three pcople, al cxtraordinery in thrir own way, who are trying to ind happiness and fulfilraent in the most tryin, of cronstanceCE. We dbn't pet wld oplosions or tantruns or deckrationsoflove butmostly slent, dipified struggle and unspoken desire. Initially we witness the love affair between Hawking and Jane who meet at Cambrigeand strike up an instant rapport at a party despite hawing bittle in common. She's a student of ΚΟΥAL INFOMAG meicral Spanish portry and a fim beiever in Cod he's a tospolo pist" which he desoibesasa Tclipion for inteligent athrists". Stil, love conquersallapainst the backtrop of a firework dpby during a May Ball where they kiss. On peper it sounds very Hollywood and their courtship is sedurtively dagedand performed but the pair are winningly British and their conversation is hardy the shuff of your aerage Hollywoodromance. They natter about qantum physics, Godand Einstein. Hawking expkins his ambition to iso an "equation that cxpkins everything in the miverse"ashe bepins to caplore his fascination with time". The scientifir talkis deverly handedwith someimagiativevianl cues bke cram svirling ina coffee aup. We may not understand the details but the general pist is clear as Hawking makes some prond-braking discOveries into the origins of the universe. Inang ase it's rotthe science that compels or intrigues we know the man'sa peniJs. What we don't know is the persoml story behind the work and the rather strange and testing family fe mched by his wife who for years was deniedhelp by her husband. Were justa normal farnily,he insists. Regd Source

The Koyal Group Info Mag Review: Theory about the life of Professor Stephen Hawking

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The theory about everything review: Film depicting the life of Professor Stephen Hawking IT is going to be a battle of the boffins at the Oscars next year. Benedict Cumberbatch is a frontrunner for...


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