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The international space station

International Space Station (IS) US modules: Russian modules: 13 ISS, which is as big as a football field and coast $60 billion, houses six astronauts at the moment. The space station, whose weight is 350 tons, might as well be in operation until the 2020s. After the„retirement" of American space shuttles it will basically depend on Russian spaceships. Docking port Unity Module 2 Docking- and cargo port Quest Airlock 3 Zarya Control Module 10 Harmony Node 4 Multipurpose Laboratory Module 11 Destiny Laboratory Zvezda Service Module 12 Structure According to the original plans ISS was supposed to be constructed by44 space expeditions. Originally it was to be finished by 2004. Now it is scheduled to be completed in 2011. Pirs Docking Port Solar Panels 108 6 m Canadian module: O European module: 14 Colombus Laboratory CanadarCanadarm-2, mobile servicing system Japanese modules: 15 Kibo Research Module Kibo Outer Research Platform Crew Sleep - Compartement Airflow vent 6 Zvezda Service Module Galley table Waste Management Compartement This module was the first fully Russian contribution to the ISS. The module provided the Station's early living quarters, electrical distribution system and communication system. This module houses the six-member crew on its around 50 square meters. Smoke detector Docking port Cameras, lenses = Treadmill Vela Ergometer Sun « ISS's orbit around Earth. It orbits at an altitude of approximately 360 kilometers above the surface of the IS Windows Docking Earth, travelling at an average speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour, completing 15.7 orbits per day. Equator port Text: Zoltán Ötvös Caution Clock and Monitors Warning panel, Graphics: András Dancsák Source: NASA / Népszabadság Graphics 79,9 r

The international space station

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The international space station is an awesome peice of kit.!



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