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Imperial College London - Table of Disruptive Tech

Imperial College London TABLE OF DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES A dashboard of 100 wonderful, weird (and possibly worrying) ways the world might change in the foreseeable future I De Example of organizations active in each area Ps Ht Hc Da Sp El Vr Со Qt 1 Monit (South Korea), Abena Nova (Denmark), Siempre Secos ISpain) 66 BioTeg (UK), Grindhouse Wetwear (US), Dangerous Things (US), see also The Eyeborg Project and the Cyborg Foundation 32 Blue River Technology (US), Hortau (Canada) Digital footprint eraser Personal digital shields Human cloning & de-extinction Distributed autono- mous corporations Fully immersve virtual reality VRI Space solar power Space elevators Artificial consciousness Human head We can't talk about 33 Google/Waymo (US), Voyage (US), Nvidia Automotive (USI, most major auto-makers transplants this one 2 Statoil (Norwayl, Siemens (Germany), Volturn (US), UMaine (US) 91 DE 92 DE 93 HA 94 HA 95 DE 96 SP 97 SP 98 DE 99 EA 100 67 Alphabet/Google Genomics (US), Amazon (US), Illumina (USI, Oxford Nanopore Technologies/Metrichor (UK) 34 Amazon (US), Google/Alphabet (US), Philips (Netherlands), Samsung ISouth Korea), Dyson (UK), Miele (Germanyl, iRobot (US) 35 Google/Alphabet (USI, Amazon (US), Flirtey (US) 3 Green Skies Vertical Farms (US), Aero Farms (US), Neo Farms (Germanyl, Urban Crop Solutions (Belgium) Ci Le Sa Br Ad Ab Is Ph Th Te 68 CTRL-Labs (US), Emotiv (US), Neuralink (US), maybe Facebook (US) Transhuman technologies 4 WiTricity (US), Powermat (Israel), Apple/Power By Proxi [US), Qualcomm (USI, Mojo Mobility (USI, Mopar (US). Fulton Innovation (USI Conversational Battlefield Telepathy 69 No example found Life-ex pectancy algorithms Stratospheric aerosols Al advisors & decision- Al board members Invisibility shields Factory & politicians photosynthesis 36 Airbus (France), Boeing (USI machine interaces robots making machines 70 Improbable (UKI 81 MI 82 DE 83 SP 84 EA 85 DE 86 EA 87 SP 88 SP 89 НА 90 HA 5 Google/Alpha bet (USI 37 FabCafe (Japanl, NASA (US) 6 ReWalk (US), Rex Bionics (US), SuitX/US Bionics (USI, Ekso Bionics (US), Lockheed Martin (US) 71 European Oranization for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere (European consortium of 16 countries) 38 SRI International (US) Ss Ip Не Mp Dn Gv Qs Cp Ud Rd 39 Stratasys (USI, Autodesk (US) t(USI, Kosung (Korea), Shiftwear (US), Lechal (India), OM Signal (Canadal 7 Google/Alpha bet (USI, 72 No example found 40 NASA (US) Genomic vaccines Canaoskin Planetary-scale spectroscopy Implantable phones Male pregnancy & artificial wombs DNA data storage Quantum safe Cognitive prosthetics Data uploading to the brain Reactionless drive e-tagging of humans 73 Epicenter (Sweden) and Three Square Market 32M (US) are close cryptography 41 Basil Leaf Technologies (USI, Dynamical Biomarkers Group (US/Taiwan), Scanadu (USI 8 The Boring Company/Elon Musk (US), China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (Chinal 71 SP 72 MI 73 DE 74 HA 75 DE 76 SP 77 DE 78 НА 79 НА 80 SP 74 No example found 42 Starwood Hotels (US), MariCare (Finland. Scanalytics (USI, Futureshape (Germany) Gh Ak Rs Em |Xx Bh Me Tc Dr Wh 9 Reaction Engines (UK), NASA (US), Boeing IUS), Lockheed Martin (US), Airbus (France) 75 Twist Bioscience (US) 43 Flowsky (Japanl, Scanadu (US) 76 Vaccinogen IUS), Epivax (US), IBM (US), Juno Therapeutics (US) Predictive gene-based healthcare Emotionally aware machines Humanoid sex robots Thought control - machine interfaces 10 Deep Space Industries (US), Planetary Resources (US), Made in Space (USI 44 Tesla (US), ABB (Switzerland), Siemens (Germany). IBM (US), Itron (US) Automated Internet of DNA Dream reading & recording Whole Ea virtualisation Autonomous robotic Human bio-hacking Earth discovery surgery 77 Alphabet/Google (US), KETS (UK), IDQ (Switzerland), Isara (Canada) 11 Bitcoin (Japan), Ripple (US), Litecoin (US) 45 Synthetic Genomics/ExxonMobil (USI, Global Algae Innovations (USI, Algenol (US) 61 DE 62 EA 63 EA 64 MI 65 MI 66 НА 67 DE 68 MI 69 НА 70 DE 12 Solarreserve (USI, Abengoa ISpain), North China (China), Shanghai Electric (Chinal,. Power Engineering onichinal, NWEPDI IChina) 78 Darpa (US) Md Sw Mm Pb Et La Sd Lc Pc Sh 46 Organavo (US), Envision TEC (Germanyl, RegenHU (Switzerland), Cellink (Sweden), Seraph Robotics (USI 79 Kernel (US), Neuralink/Elon Musk (US), 2045 Initiative (Russial, Darpa (US), General Electric/Braingate (USI, possibly Facebook (US) Zhejiang Supcon Solar 13 PredPol (US), ECM Universe (US) 47 Hb02 Therapeutics (South Africa), Biospace (USI Public mood monitoring Programmable bacteria Peer-to-peer energy trading & transmission Lifelong personal avatar assistants Smart dust Mega-scale desalination Self-writing software Shape-shifting matter Low-cost Planet colonization space travel 14 Pavegen (UK), ECEEN (China) 80 NASA (US), Cannae (US) 48 For example Vantablack by Surrey NanoSystems (UK) 51 SP 52 EA 53 DE 54 SP 55 DE 56 MI 57 DE 58 НА 59 НА 60 SP 15 Google/Alphabet (US), Joby Energy (USI, Altaeros (US), Kitegen (Italy), Enerkite (Germany 49 ITER (EU/Francel, Tokamak Energy (UK), Alphabet/ Google/Tri Alpha Energy (US), General Fusion (Canada), Helion Energy (US), Lockheed Martin (US) 81 Apple (US), Amazon (US), Alphabet/Google (US), Microsoft (US) Mc Sf Dt Se Bf Op Bs Nm Fu Mr 16 Pullstring (USI, Amazon (US), Alphabet/Google (US). Nintendo (Japan), Invisible Girlfriend/Boyfriend (US) 82 No example found 50 Festo (Germany) 83 CIA (US) Smart flooring & Smart energy grids Medical tricorders Diagnostic toilets Algal bio-fuels Fusion power Self-reconfiguring modular robots 17 NASA ( Human-organ printing Artificial human New materials 51 Israel Desalination Enterprises Technologies (Israel). Acciona (Spain), Fluence Corporation (US) carpets blood substitute 84 Lockheed Martin (US), Qinetia (UK), Boston 18 Alphabet/Verily IUS), Amazon (USI, Vuzix (USI, Everysight lIsrael Dynamics/Softbank (US/Japan) 41 DE 42 DE 43 DE 44 SP 45 SP 46 SP 47 SP 48 SP 49 SP 50 SP 52 Microsoft (US), Google/Alphabet (US), Open Al (US) 85 Woebot (US), Pefin (US), LV (UKI DI Pa Av Id Df Ap Fp Sr Fd Ze 19 Elegant Embellishments (Germanyl, iNova (Spain), Studio Roosegaarde (Netherlands), Prosolve 370e (Germany) 53 Open Utility/Essent (UK/Netherlands), Knowelsys (China) 86 Deep Knowledge Ventures (Hong Kong), Tieto (Finland) Autonomous vehicles Drone freight delivery 54 Gingko Bioworks (US), US Naval Research Laboratory (usi, US Army Research Lab (US), Darpa (USI 87 BAE Systems (UK), Toyota (Japan). NB. Big difference between optical camouflage and bending light to make things disappear 4-dimensional materials 20 Dstl (UK), Boeing (USI Distributed ledgers Precision Intention decoding algorithms Autonomous 3D-printing of food & pharmačeuticals Swarm robotics Zero-point energy agriculture passenger aircraft 21 Softbank (Japanl, AIST (Japan), Blue Frog Robotics (France), Care-o-bot (Germany), Riken/Sumitomo Riko Japan), Maytield Robotics (USI 55 Open Utility (UK/Netherlands), Power Ledger (Australia), LO3 energy (US), Energy Web Foundation (Switzerland 88 Breakthrough Energy (US), RIPE (USI, Joint Centre for Artificial Photosynthesis (US) 31 DE 32 SP 33 EA 34 MI 35 EA 36 EA 37 SP 38 EA 39 SP 40 SP Rc Sc Cm Ro As Rg Wa Eb Вр Ве 22 Amazon (US), Google/Alphabet (US), Philips (Netherlands), Samsung (South Korea), Dyson (UK), Miele (Germany), iRobot (US) 89 SENS Research Foundation (US), Methuselah Foundation/Peter Thiel (US) 56 Konami Corp (Japan), Mitsuku (UKI 57 MOOG (US), Darpa (USI 90 Facebook (USI, Neuralink/Elon Musk (US) Robotic care companions Resource gamification Beam-powered propulsion Smart controls Cultured meat Delivery robots & passenger drones Autonomous ships & submarines Water harvesting from air Broadcasting of electricily Bio-plastics 23 Impossible Foods (US), Memphis Meats (US), Super Meat (Israel), Finless Foods (USI, New Harvest (ÚS) 58 Space X/Elon Musk (USI, Blue Origin (USI, Virgin Galactic (UK), Rocket Lab (US), Axiom Space (US), Spacell (Israel), Firefly Aerospace (US) and appliances 91 Suicide Machine INetherlands), Just Delete Me (US) 21 MI 22 DE 23 SP 24 EA 25 EA 26 SP 27 SP 28 SP 29 SP 30 SP 92 No example found 24 Wing/Alphabet (US), Starship Technologies (UK), Volocopter (Germany), eHang (Chinal, Piaggio (Italy) 59 Space X (USI, UAE Mars Mission (UAEI, NASA (USI Sg 93 Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group lltalyl Cr So Pp Eh Wt Ac Mh Pe Ff 25 Leidos (US), Boeing (US), Rolls Royce (UK) 60 Intel (USI 94 Sooam (South Korea), Revive and Restore (US) 61 Kite Pharma/Gilead Sciences (USI, 23andMe (USI, (USI, Regeneron (US). 26 Joulebug (USI, Waterpebble (UK) Metallic energy stoogen Pollution eating buildings Cryptocurrencies Concentrated Predictive policing Micro-scale ambient Airborne wind Avatar companions Smart glasses & contact lenses 95 No example found Force fields energy harvesting Vehogen Sciences Genetics (USI solar power turbines 27 Permalution (US), Sun to Water (US) 96 Rebeam (US), Solaren Corp (US) 11 DE 12 SP 13 DE 14 SP 15 SP 16 MI 17 SP 18 НА 19 SP 20 SP 28 Powercast (US) 62 IBM (US) 97 Thoth Technology ICanada) Sn Dw Va We Bi Px Сс Vt Sj Am 29 NatureWorks IUSI, Gruppo MAIP (Italyl, Genomatica (USI, Green Dot Bioplastics (US) 63 Intuitive Surgical (US), Verb SurgicalAlphabet/Johnson & Johnson (US), Da Vinci Surgery (USI 98 Improbable (UKI, HelloVR (USI, Magic Leap (US), Microsoft (US). See also Mind Maze (US), Facebook (US) and possibly Apple (US) 30 NASA (US) Powered eKos keletons 64 IBM (US), Toyota (Japan), Mimosys (Japan). Persado IUS), Joy Al (USI Asteroid mining Computerized shoes & clothing Smart nappies Deep ocean wind farms Vertical agriculture Wireless energy transfer Balloon-powered internet Vacuum-tube Scram jets transport 99 Possibly Alphabet/Google (US) 31 Everledger (UK), Stampery (Spain), Brickblock (Germany), Slock it (Germanyl DE 2 SP 3 SP SP SP 6 НА 7 DE SP SP 10 SP 65 Realbotix (USI, True Companion (US) 100 As it says, we can't say 1 SOONER + TIME* LATER * Time is defined as ubiquity or mainstream use not invention Legend How to read entries Themes The Small Print Conceived and created by Richard Watson and Anna Cupani at Imperial Tech Foresight. Thanks are due to Gaby Lee, Simon Tindemans, Thomas Heinis, Stephen Green, Peter Childs, Maria Jeansson, Nik Pishavadia, Roberto Trotta, Aifric Campbell, Christopher Haley, Tom Cleaver, Guido Cupani, Gerard Gorman, Finn Giuliani, Lawrence Whiteley, Sebastian Melchor and the Science Communication students at Imperial College London for their invaluable assistance and enthusiasm. It is a mixture of prediction and provocation intended to stimulate debate, but be aware that other elements should alvays be considered when psychological and regulatory landscape i Most importanty, the technologies highlighted on this table appear without any discussion of moral or ethical factors Generally speaking, no technology should be used unless it Examples are purely illustrative and do not constitute any form of recommendation, validation or investment advice. Also note that Ghost Technologies: Fringe science & technology. Defined as highly improbable, but not actually impossible. Worth watching. Each of the 100 technologies has been subjectively categorised according to five broad themes, which are: Abbreviation of technology Sn potential impact, especially the wider assesang Pderane pwhich technologies eist with smaller companies and start-ups in particular the landscape is continually changing so treat ex amples with caution. There will also undoubtedly be errors and misjudgements, so please use a bit of common sense. Ifyou'd Like to contact us to congratulate us, criticise us or buy us lunch our address is You can also reach Richard via Tech Foresight DE Data Ecosystems Hortzon 3. Distant future 20 years + (Explore). Smart nappies Description of technology SP Smart Planet improves the human condition and with potentialy disruptive Horizon 2: Near future 10-20 years hence (Experiment). 1 DE Theme (See next right) EA Extreme Automation technologies alvays remember that "with great power comes great HA Human Augmentation .(There are various attributions for this quote The purpose of this publication is to make individuals and institutions future ready. Also, to make people think, at least periodically. Examples (See right hand panel) ranging from Spiderman, Dr Spock, Yoda, Churchill, Roosevelt and possibly the French Revolution). Version 1 (Beta). London, January 2018. Horizon 1: Happening now (Execute). MI Human-Machine Interactions POTENTIAL FOR SOCIO-ECONOMIC DISRUPTION

Imperial College London - Table of Disruptive Tech

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Infographic designed by Wond for Imperial College London based on research conceived and developed by Richard Watson. The table shows a dashboard of 100 potentially disruptive technologies, which have...




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