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Hurricane Vs. House

HURRICANE VS HоиE GA OVER THE PAST 30 YEARS, WEATHER-RELATED, CATASTROPHES HAVE COST NORTH AMERICANS insured losses are increasing 40 $1 TRILLION $36 BILLION 10 $9 BILLION AN AVG. OF MORE THAN $34 BILLION PER YEAR 1980 2000 HURRICANES. OVER 24 TRILLION wind speeds: unleash more than GALLONS OE RAIN A DAY AVG. OF hurricane season in the atlantic: JUNE 1ST- MILES/HOUR NOVEMBER 30TH. 5-6, hurricanes per season hurricanes begin as tropical disturbances in warm ocean waters with surface BASED ON HOW SEVERE WIND SPEEDS ARE, HURRICANES ARE CATEGORIZED 1 THROUGH 5 ON THE SAFEIR-SIMPSON SCALE temperatures of at least 80 DEGREES when a storm's sustained wind speeds reach 74 MPH <<< This mgp shows the tracks of all Atlantic hurricanes which formed between 1851 and 2005 it becomes a hurricane 90% OF ALL HURRICANE DEATHS RESULT FROM STORM SURGES OF HURRICANES MAKING LANDFALL. floods are the MOST COMMON natural disaster floods and severe storms account for more than HOMES DESTROYED 275.888 385,80 HOMES DESTROYED IN KATRINA OF THE DISASTERS IN THE U.S. HOMES DAMAGED OR DESTROYED IN CT, NY, & NJ DUE TO OTHER DISASTERS CAUSED SANDY BY HURRICANES TORNADUS 3 001 OF 4 tornados in the world happen in the U.S. Hurricane Ivan produced 117 tornadoes O FIRES 100 homes destroyed by fire during Sandy in NYC's 6,180 PEOPLE IN EMERGENCY SHELTERS FROM SANDY O POWER OUTAGES 8.5 MILLION people were without "Breezy Point" neighborhood power as a result of Sandy in 16 states A SLEET & SNUW 28 inches of snow in Davis, WV due to Sandy HOUSES DURABLE ROOF asphalt shingle HOW TO REBUILD SO THAT THE NEXT HOUSE WILL STICK AROUND durability: on avg. WARRANTY OF 20-35 YEARS they last 13 years standing seam metal roofs: -ENERGY EFFICIENT -OUTPERFORMS ALL OTHERTYPES IN RESISTING DAMAGE FROM: HAIL, RAIN, WIND, SOLAR RAYS, THERMAL MOVEMENT (instead of STEEL FRAMING wood framing) benefits of steel framing: DURABLE SIDING INSULATION WON'T ROT, WON'T WARP, Fiber cement materials: STRAIGHT EDGES, REUSABLE MATERIAL high performance INCOMBUSTIBLE, HEAVY WEIGHT insulation: ONLY MATERIAL FOUND TO WITHSTAND PROJECTILE DEBRIS - MAINTAINS LONG-TERM R-VALUE, EVEN IN HARSH CLIMATES - COVERS THE ENTIRE WALL SURFACE EHIGH EFFICIENCY3 -A PROPERLY DESIGNED BUILING ENVELOPE & QUALITY INSULATION ADDRESSES KEY BUILDING ISSUES, LIKE MOLD & MILDEW A LOW-E, ARGON WINDOWS reduce heat gain reduce heat loss and let in a reduced solar gain SPEEDY DELIVERYS CFL LIGHTS 4-6 times more efficient than traditional incandescent Ilights 4-8 MONTHS ESTIMATED TIME TO REBUILD HOMES AETER SANDY: but experts say it could take over a decade to completely rebuild post Sandy * ENERGY STAR APPLIANCES 10 to 50% less energy and water used than standard models after delivery, MODULAR HOMES ONLY TAKE -5 WEEKS TO BUILD (depending on the model) TO HELP STORM VICTIMS REBUILD, BLU HOMES IS OFFERING A DISCOUNT TO THOSE AFFECTED BY SANDY. Learn more about Blu Homes and this special offer by visiting: BLUHOMES.COM/INFO 888.228.8081 or calling Sources: presented by: bй DEVELOPED BY HOMES N NOWSOURCING $ IN BILLIONS

Hurricane Vs. House

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Over the past 30 years, weather-related catastrophes have cost North Americans $1 trillion.




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