How to Save £1 Billion a Year Staying Down to Earth

HOW TO SAVE £1 BIL LION A YEAR BY STAYING D OWn TO EA RTH. + FUN SPACE FACTS ROCKET £1.1 BILLION ROVER One spacecraft doubles as your home and your car, and it'll only set you back a mere billion. However, you will need to cough up another £3 million every time you want to launch it. Fuel and launch teams cost money, you £4.4 MILLION Think of it as a second car. Rovers let you roam the surface of celestial bodies so you won't have to refuel the rocket. Comes know. (And you thought petrol prices were astronomical!) in handy when the spaceship launch team is on holiday. COULD YOU AFFORD TO LIVE IN OUTER SPACE? Let's be real – probably not. But look on the bright side. By keeping your feet on the ground with the rest of us humble Earthlings, your savings will be out of this world! FOOD5 £15/DAY You know it's all freeze-dried, right? Outer space doesn't have a plentiful supply of fruits and veggies on hand, so you'll have to bring your own meals from Earth. Hope you like Tang. SPACESUIT? LIVING UP IN SPACE MIGHT, SOUND EXPENSIVE, BUT £7.9 MILLION Fashionable and functional, a spacesuit is your ticket to fresh air, liveable temperatures and the ability to move about on other planets.3 If you don't MAYBE YOU CAN NEGOTIATE BETTER DEALS WITH THE LOCAL EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS. have that kind of cash after the billion DON'T FORGET, UP THERE pounds you spent on the rocket, then here's a money-saving tip: Skip the suit and stay inside the ship. YOU'RE THE ALIEN! NOTAZ LE D TES IN SP ACES > 4 OCT. 1957 Sputnik 1, the first manmade object to orbit the Earth, launches 12 APR. 1961 Vostok 1 carries the first man into space 31 JUL. 1964 Ranger 7 snaps the first close-range moon photos 3 FEB. 1966 The first spacecraft, Luna 9, lands on the moon 20 JUL. 1969 The first men, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, land and walk on the moon, using Apollo 11 2 MAR. 1972 Pioneer 10, which is "designed to familiarise alien life with humans," heads to Jupiter 1978 The yearly amount of UFO sightings in the UK peaks at 750 (incidentally, Close Encounters of the Third Kind premiered in late 1977) FUN S PACE FACTS! THE SUN COMPRISES THE EARTH COULD FIT 99.86% OF THE SOLAR INSIDE THE SUN ABOUT 1 MILLION TIMES SYSTEM'S MASS THE EARTH IS 149,598,262 KM AWAY FROM THE SUN VENUS IS THE ONLY PLANET THAT ROTATES CLOCKWISE VENUS HAS MORE THAN 1,000 VOLCÁNOES MARS IS RED BECAUSE IT IS COVERED WITH IRON-RICH ROCK AND DUST EARTH IS THE ONLY PLANET KNOWN TO SUPPORT LIFE JUPITER HAS 66 MOONS URANUS'S AXIS IS SIDEWAYS IT TAKES NEARLY 165 YEARS FOR NEPTUNE TO ORBIT THE SUN REFE RENC ES ' 2 * S ® POUNDS (to POCKET " ® Note: Some costs adjusted for inflation and currency. 1960 I 1965 I 1970 F 1975 | 1980

How to Save £1 Billion a Year Staying Down to Earth

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Astronomers have been uncovering mysteries of the solar system for hundreds of years. Check out what's kept them captivated with this infographic on fun space facts.


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