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How Much Do Elements Cost? The Price of 75 Elements Per Kilogram

How Much Do Elements Cost? THE PRICE OF 75 ELEMENTS PER KILOGRAM •Uses (USD/KG) • Atomic weapons 209PO • Reducing static electricity in machinery *Spacecraft, satellites $49.2 trillion Polonium-209 225 Ac •Targeted alpha therapy (for cancer treatment) $29 trillion Actinium-255 99mTc •Medical diagnostics $1.9 trillion Technetium-99m 249 Bk • Ingredient for synthesizing heavier elements by charged particle bombardment $185 billion Berkelium-249 249 Cf • Metal detectors •Identifying gold and silver ores •Detection of metal fatigue in planes $185 billion Californium-249 248 Cm • Ingredient for production of plutonium-238 (which is used for artificial pacemakers and spacecraft) $160 billion Curium-248 • Military use for detection of projectiles and explosives • Locating layers of petroleum and water in wells •Nuclear 252Cf reactors • Cancer $60 billion Californium-252 treatment 244Cm •Spacecraft (power source for radioisotope thermoelectric generators) $185 million Curium-244 239PU •Nuclear weapons •Nuclear reactor fuel $6.49 million Plutonium-239 A 241 Am $728,000 •Smoke detectors Americium-241 » Plutonium production »Possible nuclear weapon use $660,000 Np Neptunium »Used to detect high-energy neutrons 147Pm •X-ray devices •Nuclear batteries $460,000 Promethium-147 Rh »Automobile catalytic converters $147,000 Rhodium Tc »Radioactive isotope medical tests • Equipment calibration •Nanoscale nuclear batteries $100,000 Technetium Cs •Drilling fluids for oil •Atomic clocks »Electronics $61,800 Cesium Ir » Salts and acids formed »Spark plugs with chlorine $56,200 •Deep-water pipes Iridium Pd •Catalytic converters $49,500 •Dentistry »Musical instruments Palladium Au •Money •Jewelry •Electronics $44,800 Gold Pt »Vehicle emissions control devices •Chemical catalyst •Jewelry $27,800 Platinum Rb »Fireworks (purple color) •Vacuum tubes $15,500 Rubidium Os •Fountain pen fips • Fingerprint detection $12,000 Osmium Ru »Electrical applications $10,400 Ruthenium TI »Electronic devices »Fiber optics •Camera lenses $4,200 Thallium Sc » Aerospace components •Sports equipment • Mercury vapor lamps (used to replicate sunlight in film studios) $3,460 Scandium Re •Oven filaments •X-ray machines »Jet engines $3,010 Rhenium Tm • Lasers »X-rays $3,000 Thulium Xe » Flash and arc lamps •General anesthetic $1,800 Xenon Ge » Fiber and infrared •Solar electronics $1,010 optics Germanium Hf Hafnium •Nuclear reactors •Microprocessors »Isotope geochemistry $900 Ве Beryllium » Aerospace material (such as gears and cogs) • Spacecraft $857 Tb $643 Terbium •Low-energy light bulbs •Crystal stabilizer in fuel cells Ag $521 Silver •Money •Jewelry •Wound dressings •Medical devices V $385 Vanadium •Vanadium-steel alloys for tough tools such as axles, cutting devices, piston rods Dy $307 Dysprosium »Data storage (compact discs) •Commercial lighting Та $298 Tantalum »Electronics (phones, DVD players, gaming systems) Kr $290 Krypton »Flash photography » Fluorescent lighting Ne $240 Neon •Neon signs •Vacuum tubes •Cryogenic refrigerant Ga • Semiconductors, transistors, small electronics • LEDS $148 Gallium U •Nuclear fuel $101 Uranium Li • Batteries • Lubricants »Flux additives for iron $85 Lithium Те •Vulcanizing rubber •Glass and ceramic tint •CDS and DVDS $63.50 Tellurium Но • Magnets and magnetic fields (highest magnetic strength of any element) $57 Holmium Zr » Pipes •Colored glazes •Gemstones $37 Zirconium W »Automobiles »Metal alloys •High-speed steel $35 Tungsten » Pharmaceuticals and disinfectants » Inks and dyes •Animal feed supplements $35 lodine Co » Blue and green dye • Aircraft engine parts •Cancer treatment $32.80 Cobalt (radioactive 60CO) Hg •Thermometers and barometers $30.20 Mercury Не »Inflation of balloons • Pressurization of fuel tanks $24 Helium Se » Red-colored glass and enamel $21 •Solar cells Selenium Sn •High-polish coating for metals Soldering $19 Tin Ni » Batteries •Coating of other materials $14 Nickel K »Fertilizers •Detergents •Gunpowder $13 Potassium Ti •Aircraft •Spacecraft •Missiles $1 Titanium Cr » Steel alloys »Metal ornamentation (creates a polished mirror look) $9 Chromium Bi •Cosmetics »Fire extinguishers • Pepto-Bismol $6 Bismuth Cu •Wiring, motors •Roofing • Plumbing $6 Сopper Sb •Batteries • Bullets •Flame-retardant materials $6 Antimony Br • Agricultural chemicals » Pharmaceuticals $4 Bromine В » Medicine and health supplements $4 Boron •Matches • Pyrotechnics $3 Phosphorous Na »Food additive • Heat exchange in nuclear reactor $3 Sodium Zn •Paints •Cosmetics • Pharmaceuticals $2.50 Zinc Mg • Medicine $2 • Lightweight products » Fireworks Magnesium Са •Cleaning and hygiene products (calcium carbonate) $2 Calcium Pb • Batteries •Ammunition •Weights $2 Lead F •Glass etching » Electric tower insulation • Dentistry $2 Fluorine Al » Packaging •Aerospace parts $2 Aluminum Si •Ceramics, bricks »Metal alloys • Silicones $1.50 Silicon » Plastic production • Fat and oil hydrogenation $1.30 •Rocket fuel Hydrogen Fe Iron •Civil engineering »Metal alloys $0.40 $0.15 Охудen »Medical support »Steel production » Life $0.14 Nitrogen »Fertilizers »Fabrics •Explosives C Carbon $0.12 •Cutting, drilling, grinding, and polishing tools •Jewelry »Fuel $0.09 Sulfur •Gunpowder » Fireworks • Vulcanization of rubber CI Chlorine $0.08 •Disinfectant •Consumer products Sources: Alan's FACTORY OUTLET

How Much Do Elements Cost? The Price of 75 Elements Per Kilogram

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Everything around us (and within us) consists of elements. Different elements are used for everything from medical equipment, cosmetics, and electronics to cars and the garages you park them in!


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