How Loud is Too Loud?

How Loud Is Too Loud? How is Sound Measured? Sound is measured through decibels, also referred to as idB It measures the intensity of sound from 0 dB (silence) to above 300 dB, the loudest sound in the world How much exposure to the loudest sound is required before hearing loss occurs? 0.44 min 0.99 min 188 min |3.75 min 7.5 min 15 min 115 dB More than 1 minute of 112 dB exposure can cause permanent hearing loss 109 dB 106 dB 103 dB More than 15 minutes of 100 dB exposure above 100dB may cause hearing loss 30 min Thr 2 hrs 4 hrs 8 hrs 97 dB 125 dB 94 dB Pain begins and hearing loss can be permanent 91 dB Prolonged exposure above 85 dB will cause gradual hearing loss 88 dB Immediate nerve damage can occur 140 dB 85 dB Top 10 Loudest Sounds Tunguska Meteor 300-315 dB D 5.0 Earthquake 235 dB 1-Ton TNT Bomb 210 dB DO 188 dB Krakatoa Eruption The Blue Whale 180 dB 165-170 dB Shuttle Launch NHRA Dragsters 155-160 dB 145-155 dB Gunfire Rock Concerts 135-145 dB Loudest Cocerts in the World KIT7 AC+DC 130 dB 136ав KI77 MANGWAR 129.5 dB 130dB LDZETFELN Doop Purple 117 dB Thei who 126 dB The smallest bones in the body are the ear's 37% of children Snakes hear through the jawbone and a traditional inner ear. with only minimal hearing loss fail at least one grade. malleus, incus and stapes, and could all fit together on a penny. The loudest speaker is the SHyperSpike HS-60 AHD system. It holds the World Record for Most powerful electro-acoustic Allergy to salicylates (aspirin.herbs, spices, nuts, fruit, vegetables, caffeine and yeast-rich foods) is a common cause of hearing loss Have you heard? speaker at 182 dB. Smokers are 2x more Sound travels at the speed of 1,130 feet per second, or 770 miles per hour. Fish do not have ears, The loudest sound on likely than non smokers to lose their hearing. Ears not only help you hear, but also aid in balance. but they can hear pressure changes record is the Tunguska Meteor through ridges on their striking Earth outside Siberia in 1904. body. Signs of hearing loss in humans: Ear pain, itching or irritation Pus or fluid leaking from the ear Muffled hearing Listening to music or TV at a higher volume than in the past Tinnitus (ringing, roaring, hissing or buzzing in the ear) Difficulty distinguishing words that people are saying Brought to you by http://www.nidcd.nih.pov/health/hearing/ruler.asp banditha world Sonic

How Loud is Too Loud?

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Thousands of sounds hit our ears daily at different frequencies but how do we know when a sound is too loud? This infographic looks at sound and shows how it is measured and how different decibels aff...



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